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Pictured from Left to right are:
TOP: Sarah Pace, Lisa Luna, Rhonda Chancellor, Stephen Garcia, Brianna Smith, Leon Zabava
MIDDLE: Aaron Davidson, Hope Garza, Jennifer Jaksik, Robbie Hamby
BOTTOM: Erika Vela, Sue Brown.
NOT PICTURED: Noel Wilkerson Holmes, Jessica Machado

Noel Wilkerson Holmes


Some quirky things about me:
I go to sleep at night dreaming of caffeine in the morning.
Free press. Free World.
If nobody knows the trouble you’ve seen, you don’t live in a small town

Began my time at the Pleasanton Express in 1975, and returned in 2011

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Sue Brown


Some quirky things about me:
I’m just a gal trying to figure it all out while keeping the glass half full.
I love my family and friends fiercely and wouldn’t know what I’d do without these quirky people.
I have a warped sense of humor and an annoying laugh (nice people say that it is infectious).
I’ve been at the Pleasanton Express since 1989.
(Why does this sound like my online dating profile?)

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Robbie C. Hamby

Managing Editor

Some quirky things about me:

I don’t really like ice. I prefer most of my drinks to be room temperature.
I have way too much knowledge of serial killers.
I dip my fries in mayo.

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Rhonda Chancellor

Business Manager

Some quirky things about me:
I started here in June 1999, so i’ve worked here just over 18 years.
Married with 2 children.
My husband & I met in the campgrounds at the Texas Renaissance Festival.
I stink at sarcasm.

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Lisa Luna

Lifestyle Editor
Staff Writer

Some quirky things about me:
I can play the piano extremely fast.
I am literally tongue-tied.
I am a die-hard Depeche Mode and Morrissey fan.
I have interviewed two Holocaust survivors- two of the sweetest ladies you could ever meet.
I do not have a middle name, nor do my three siblings.

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Stephen Garcia

Sports Editor

Some quirky things about me:
Karl Malone once cursed at me
I once had Swine Flu
I was at Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals when the air conditioner broke at the AT&T Center

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Erika Vela

Social Media Community Manager &
Special Assignments Editor

Some quirky things about me:
I admire all things Frida Kahlo and Dia De Los Muertos.
I’m an advocate for organ donation, ovarian cancer and PCOS.
I have an extensive collection of keychains and James Avery jewelry.
Lottery tickets, Big Red and sweets are my weakness.
If I could be any animal, I’d be a bird.

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Leon Zabava

Oil & Gas Editor

Some quirky things about me:
I’ve never lost my interest in gardening. I enjoy planting tomato plants in containers. That includes heirloom varieties. I’ve planted as many as six varieties at a time.
Yard work is always fine. I like landscaping with shrubs and flowers.
In the morning, I always turn the radio off when in the car on the way to work – also often on road trips. Then, I say ten prayers I know.

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Hope Garza

News Room Manager

Some quirky things about me:
Bleeds Eagle Green
Express Momma
The San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Cowboys have never had a bigger fan
BIG burger & enchilada maker
DIY & HGTV fanatic

Aaron Davidson

Ad Design

Some quirky things about me:
I am a 49ers fan for life.
I enjoy Fantasy Football.
Mexican food is my favorite.
I enjoy cooking and bbq’ing.
I enjoy spending time with family and friends on the holidays.

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