Salute to Seniors Graduation Ads

The Pleasanton Express is publishing a Graduation Tab and dedicating our issue as a Salute to the Seniors of 2021. This tab and issue will be designed to be a treasured keepsake for 2021 graduates of Pleasanton, Jourdanton, Poteet, Charlotte, Tilden and Lytle and those who love them.

If you are a business or parent/grandparent and want to be a part of this Salute to Seniors 2021, please scroll down to see pricing and order online. It is fast and easy. Have questions, email or call 830-569-6130.

2×5″ (COLOR)

2×4″ (B&W)

2×2″ (B&W)

2×5″ Business (B&W)

5×5.5″ Business (COLOR)

2×2″ Business (B&W)

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Business deadline for the Graduation Tab is Monday, May 24, 2021. Deadline for personal Graduation ads for Jourdanton, Poteet, Charlotte, McMullen & Lytle is Monday, May 24, 2021. These greeting will appear in the May 26 issue. Pleasanton is Monday, June 7, 2021. These greetings will appear in the June 9, 2021 issue.