• Erika Vela | Pleasanton Express Representing Atascosa County at the State Capitol on Monday, April 24 were (standing, left to right): Commissioner Pct. 1 Lonnie Gillespie, Commissioner Pct. 3 Eliseo Perez, Commissioner Pct. 2 William Torans, Atascosa County Clerk Diane Gonzales, and Poteet City Council member Denise Sanchez. Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen (standing at bottom) read the resolution to declare April 24 as Atascosa County Day.
  • Jourdanton HS Band
  • Pleasanton Jazz Band
  • Pleasanton JROTC
  • Charlotte HS Band
  • Poteet HS Band
  • Sen. Carlos Uresti welcomed the citizens of Atasacosa County. Senator Judith Zaffirini looks in awe to greet the crowd.

State declares April 24 Atascosa County Day

The House of Representatives of the 85th Texas Legislature recognized April 24 as Atascosa County Day at the State Capitol in Austin. County officials, citizens of Atascosa County and the area’s high school bands and the Pleasanton JROTC attended the special event in Austin.

High school band students from Pleasanton, Jourdanton, Charlotte and Poteet played music throughout the day at the steps of the Capitol. The Pleasanton JROTC presented the colors at noon in the Capitol Rotunda. The students enjoyed their time and were appreciative and courteous to all the visitors. It was truly a pleasant sight to see for lawmakers and visitors at the Capitol’s grounds.

“Atascosa County students deserve the opportunity to showcase their skills,” Representative Ryan Guillen said. “I’m proud to have had the honor of hosting them at the State Capitol to show the rest of the state the talent we have to offer in Atascosa County.”

During a House of Representatives session, a resolution was read to designate April 24 as Atascosa County Day in the state of Texas by Guillen. They recognized all the students, county officials and citizens of Atascosa County that were in attendance. From there, Atascosa County was also recognized by Senators Carlos Uresti and Judith Zaffirini.

“I was really excited to see how the students enjoyed the trip and to perform. I watched them and the guests in the galley and saw they were really impressed. I was so appreciative Senator Carlos Uresti took some time to take a photo with some of the kids and explained to them how a bill became a law. I’d like to thank Jeanne Israel for all her hard work in organizing it all,” Atascosa County Judge Robert Hurley said.

Video clips of the bands’ performances are available on the Pleasanton Express Facebook page and Twitter. To see more photos of Atascosa County Day, visit our website and view this story’s slideshow.