• J Garcia | Pleasanton Express This past week area volunteer firefighter’s have been busy battling fires almost daily.

Reminder: Burn ban is in effect for Atascosa County


Fires are popping up all over Atascosa County with some burning 30-40 acres of property at a time. Fire Marshal Todd Perna said it’s a struggle for local volunteer fire departments because these areas are heavily populated. With 40-50 homes in some of these areas firemen are having to navigate through yards with obstacles, septic tanks and fences.

Thankfully no homes have been affected, but barns and garages have been lost.

With little rain and blazing temperatures a burn ban is in effect for the county. “It is peak season for fires. It’s extremely dry, not a lot of moisture, the grass is crunchier, crisper. It’s a fire danger,” warned Perna.

With over 50 percent of the population living in rural areas many will continue to need to burn their garbage despite the burn ban.

Perna said during times of a burn ban, never use a burn pit, but rather a burn barrel. He said to place it in a clear area with no weeds, grass, trees or shrubs. It is also crucial to have a working water hose handy and never leave the barrel unattended under any circumstance.