EOG Resources and community complete Jourdanton City Park improvement project

EOG Resources and community complete Jourdanton City Park improvement project


The Jourdanton City Park recently benefited from a weekend of love and attention courtesy of the kindness and generosity of 105 volunteers from the community and local businesses.


EOG Resources initiated this outreach with Jenn Puzon, EOG Resources Sr. Operations Assistant and Pat Scott, EOG Resources serving as organizers . EOG Resources scheduled a meeting with Jourdanton City Manager, Kendall Schorsch to brainstorm project ideas that would benefit kids in the community. The idea for the Jourdanton City Park improvement project came out of that meeting.


The project with an estimated cost of $30,000 which included material, machinery and man hours was all done by donation.


According to EOG, several projects happened simultaneously at the park. On Thursday, July 21 the park was prepped with some initial water pressuring to clean the grit and grime off the bathroom facilities. On Saturday, the group of volunteers rebuilt the vanity in the women’s restroom and installed a brand new sink, rebuilt two bathroom doors, repaired a bathroom door in the men’s restroom and painted both bathrooms. They reset and leveled most of the tables and benches and moved some under shaded trees. Next on the hit list of “to dos” was to repair and reset all of the BBQ pits, weld steel plates to the bottoms of the ones that were rusted and rotted out. The barbeque pits were finished off with high temp black BBQ pit paint.


The group pressure washed the play equipment and filled most of the unleveled areas with dirt. The volleyball area was raked and leveled and basketball nets replaced.


The electrical work done under the covered pavilion consisted of removing older light fixtures and replacing with 24 brand new energy efficient LED lights, removing all extension cords and replacing with eight brand new drop cords with covered outlets, added two brand new energy efficient LED flood lamps and replaced 20 outlets throughout the pavilion.


EOG prides itself on being a decentralized organization with employees that live and work in the communities where they operate.


“Although it was an exhausting day, it was very meaningful to some of us who grew up here to see the overwhelming contributions from all volunteers,” said Jenn Puzon. “Everyone worked together to complete all the initial planned projects and then some.”



The companies and individuals who made the park improvement project possible include WB Supply, 4L Oilfield Services, Ashley Automation, Distribution Now, Elliot Electric Supply, Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce, Jourdanton Garden Club, MG Building Materials, Nalco Champion, NXS Oilfield Services, Renegade Well Service, S.E.I. Oilfield Services, Sierra Services, SouthPoint Rentals, Steinle Insurance, SWAT Construction, and VES-Venture Energy Services. To see a full list of what these companies donated please go to pleasantonexpress.com.


Specific materials or equipment were donated as follows: EOG Resources donated 50 cases of water, volunteers, cost of half of the LED lights, paint for the restrooms, and material for the vanity in the women’s restroom, pressure washer, man lift, and miscellaneous materials. Sergio Garcia and family donated all of the basketball chain nets. Daniel Thomas donated a tractor. Jourdanton City donated all the fill dirt. Majority of the electrical materials was donated by Elliot Electric Supply, the electrical work was done by EOG Resources and Ashley Automations. Ashley Automations also donated the scissor lift. Distribution Now donated the steel for the BBQ pits along with the brand new sink and faucet for the women’s restroom, Nalco Champion brought breakfast and water and assisted with projects. WB Supply donated lunch along with the concrete to set the tables and benches and miscellaneous supplies, they also supplied crew members to paint all BBQ pits. 4L Oilfield donated a full 9-man crew including welders to assist with all projects going on, as well as a skid-steer. NXS Oilfield Services donated pressure washer for two days and crew members to assist. MG Building Materials donated miscellaneous hardware. Renegade Well Services supplied a skid-steer and pressure washer. S.E.I Oilfield Services donated a pressure washer and crew for 2 days. Sierra Services donated water, Powerade, Squenchers, fruit, face shields, and a cooling trailer and assisted with many other miscellaneous duties. SouthPoint Rentals donated port-o-potties. SWAT Construction donated skid-steer and hauled in the EOG manlift to and from the park. VES donated pressure washers for 3 days. Steinle Insurance donated concrete for tables and benches and other miscellaneous items. Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce donated the high temp paint, paint rollers and pans and other miscellaneous items. Jourdanton Garden Club donated the trash grabbers. Fruit packs were donated by Dorothy Manning and Annie DeLaO. EOG Resources also donated 19 cases of water that was left over to the Jourdanton Fire Department.