It's all about the candy eggs

The Way I See It

As Easter Sunday approaches and folks reflect on the spiritual holiday, most kids get down to the business of finding eggs filled with treats. And while I admit that most Easter candy is wonderful, I’m partial to Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs.

In fact I’ve had them in my candy jar at work for the past few weeks. Thankfully, I placed it behind my computer - you know - out of sight, out of mind.

But then my co-workers come in and get some and I realize that they are there. So, I reach for one as well. I mean, that’s why they are there, right? These are the smallish egg shaped Reese’s. I explained that the larger ones are almost too sweet - like Peeps too sweet.

Our discussion for our poll question of the week quickly turned to Easter candy.

Robbie Hamby mentioned Cadbury Eggs and her mom’s reasoning that they weren’t for children. Jelly beans and marshmallow eggs were tossed around as favorites, too.

But, really, if I had to say what I really look forward food-wise during Easter, it would be deviled eggs. Which is sort of strange that these eggy wonders would have such a name and be super popular at a most religious time.

But I guess the devil is everywhere, right?

Of course, this then got me thinking why they were named as such. So a quick search of Google revealed that it may have come from Underwood’s Deviled Ham. Remember that spicy meat in a small can with a red devil on the wrapper? Seems William Underwood invented the term for adding hot spices to ground ham as “deviling”. When others started adding spices to eggs, the term carried over.

As an aside, this concoction is the oldest food U.S. Patent on the books - granted in 1870.

The way I see it, I realize Easter is more than just the goodies we enjoy. Enjoy this Holy time by reading Lisa Luna’s Living section on page 2B for area Easter services. And, if you can, take our poll on favorite Easter candy (just for fun) at Happy Easter!

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