Warren Domke


My wife, Stephanie, and I recently moved into a senior living retirement community in San Antonio. Our part of the community is independent living, which I would define as maintaining a more or less normal lifestyle. At the same time, we are making concessions to aging and the health issues that come with it. We have downsized from our four-bedroom […]

Voting—your right and your duty

It was in April of 1962 that I turned 21, a milestone age that I had been looking forward to. Of course, it was coming of age, with privileges previously denied to me, but to me the most important was the right to vote. I turned 21 in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where I was attending New Mexico State University. […]

“Dustoff” in Vietnam-saving lives

It was sometime in 1970 that my friend, Jim, hooked the two of us up with a ride with the U.S. Army “Dustoff” unit at Nha Trang Air Base, in Vietnam. It sounded interesting in many ways so I said “Sure, why not?” The chopper was a UH- 1H, specially configured as a flying ambulance. The UH-1 “Huey” was the […]

Too close for comfort

I f you drive long enough—and I have been driving since 1959—sooner or later you will have a “close call.” Or call it a near miss or an almost accident. I suppose in my years of driving I have probably had a few of those that didn’t make much of an impression on me. But the close call I think […]

National Parks—a national treasure

I don’t remember which national park was the first one I visited, but it was probably Yellowstone Park, and I was about nine or ten years old when my parents, sister and I made that visit. On the same trip we visited Mount Rushmore. I have been back to Yellowstone since. Of course, living in Colorado and New Mexico we […]

Scouting–how it helped my life

Like a lot of men my age, I was a Boy Scout. I got as far as Bear in Cub Scouts, and Second Class in the Boy Scout program. I enjoyed scouting and would have stayed in it longer, but I was a member of a very conservative church at the time and had to leave scouting to be confirmed. […]

Trivia, is there any such thing?

Okay, I will admit it. I am a trivia geek. I guess I have been one most of my life. When I was in school, people called me a “walking encyclopedia of useless information.” In other words, a trivia geek. We didn’t call it trivia then, at least I don’t recall hearing it so described. I was not a particularly […]

The United States Air Force’s pioneers

I n last week’s column about the Air Force’s history I did not discuss the people who built the new service. One was General of the Air Force Henry H. Arnold, who—as a lieutenant—was an early Army aviator whose career led him to become Chief of the Army Air Forces before and during World War II. Health problems forced his […]

The United States Air Force, now 72-years-old

I t may seem impossible to many of us older folks, but the United States Air Force is now officially a septuagenarian. It became a separate service from the Army September 18, 1947, nearly 72 years ago. Separating the Air Force was no simple matter. Prior to 1947, the defense of the United States was the responsibility of two cabinet-level […]

The ocean of air we live in

We live in an ocean of air. Let’s talk about it. We humans, along with other air breathing creatures and plants, live in the troposphere, which extends about seven and a half miles above sea level, or 39 thousand feet. Within the first 24,000 feet above the surface the troposphere contains more than half the total mass of the atmosphere. […]

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