Warren Domke

The deep blue sea…what are its secrets?

Oceans are all around our world— three quarters of its surface is covered by water. We are fascinated by them. They conceal many mysteries. In fact, we know more about the Moon or Mars than we do about the ocean floor. How deep is it? Average depth is 2.3 miles, about 12,100 feet. It’s about how far our parents had […]

Space travel in pop culture, and in reality

Over the many decades since astronomers began to understand the composition of the solar system and universe there have been many notions about the nature of our world and its neighbors. Once we figured out that Mars was a planet similar to our own world, we began to imagine life inhabiting the place. Remember when we thought Mars had canals? […]

Your blood: share it and save lives

When a man attacked a shopping center in El Paso, and killed 20 people, he also left some 27 seriously wounded, and many needed blood. Hundreds of El Paso residents lined up to be donors for these victims. Watching video of people standing in line I saw many Hispanic people, many non-Hispanic white and a few African- Americans. All were […]

Fill it up! The gas station of the past

Some of us may remember what gas stations were like 40 or so years ago. This was before rising prices and competition turned the filling stations from full service to self-service. It was before convenience stores replaced the old-fashioned places where there was a mechanic on duty. In these stations an attendant cleaned your windshield, checked your oil and pumped […]

July 1969—touching the Moon

I t was on a Sunday and I was in Montgomery, Alabama, attending an Air Force school. It was hot enough that my wife, son and I got in our car and went for a ride to enjoy the car air conditioner. The radio was on and the announcer broke in with a live news feed, and we listened to […]

Eating out—fast food, mom and pop or…?

Early in my life, I lived in Chicago. I don’t remember eating out much. It was during World War II and they rationed just about everything from gasoline to coffee, so it was more convenient to eat at home. After the war, I remember ice cream shops and other places for a meal or quick snack, but I don’t remember […]

America—does the revolution continue?

I n 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed, the United States was a collection of large and small colonies with varying ethnicities and even more varied economies. In New England the economy largely depended on access to the sea. Commercial fishing, whaling, and shipping and also light manufacturing— including guns—were common. Further west, economies tended to be more […]

Independence, the next step

Many Americans will celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks, cookouts, music and relaxation, but back in July 1776 the mood was anything but celebratory. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. the delegates to the Second Continental Congress had argued, conversed and considered all options as they assembled in the spring that year. Many began never seeking independence from Great Britain. It has […]

The seeds of the Revolution

Te end of the French and Indian War in 1763 left the eastern coast of North America largely under British control, along with much of formerly French-occupied Canada and other territories. But, for England the victory over France was not without problems. Wars are costly— then and today—and British forces were spread thin around parts of the world colonized by […]

How blessed we have been

We don’t always reflect on how lucky we are to be alive, to have our health, to have our homes, our families, our friends and more. We should take time to consider how different things might have been if we weren’t so blessed. I was born in Chicago on April 26, 1941. Pearl Harbor had yet to be attacked. My […]

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