Warren Domke

Goals for life

One of the most important principles in military strategy is to have an objective. Those who study military history and strategies understand having a clear and attainable objective is the first principle for military planners. This principle translates to business, sports and to life in general. These are principles that can serve us through a lifetime or through parts of […]

Aging and wellness

For most of us getting old is more or less inevitable as we reach middle age or beyond. In April I will turn 79 and it doesn’t seem possible. If any readers have kept an old car beyond the normal few years, you are well-acquainted with the symptoms of an aging car: Something quits working. Maybe it’s the windshield wipers, […]

My computer died

How long ago was it that we did our writing using typewriters or writing longhand on a sheet of ruled paper? I remember making the transition to word processing in the 1980s. I still have my ancient Remington portable that I used in college and that has traveled with me all over the world. What could go wrong with a […]

Days, months and years

Most of us know that our earthly home is a sphere that travels through space. It’s actually a minor planet in our solar system. At this writing our solar system is known to contain eight planets. They include the four “terrestrial” planets- -Mercury, Venus, our own earth, and Mars. Earth and Mars are the only two of these that have […]

Time and tide

You have probably heard the saying “Time and tide wait for no man.” Being a curious person I did a little research on the origin of this proverb. It dates back to the year 1395 and was used by Chaucer in his prologue to “Clerk’s Tale.” Interesting, eh?? It means time and the movement of tides have their own schedule […]

My Clip File…revisited

Something every aspiring writer is advised to do is to maintain a “clip file.” As the name might imply, that is a file of things you have gotten published. Some writers might save them in a real file cabinet, others (like me) prefer some form of scrapbook. The reason we do this is to have something to present when we […]

The young and their potential

A t the tender age of 6 I made a transition from a big city, Chicago, to a small town, Montrose, Colorado. Montrose has grown considerably since I lived there, but—in many ways—it is typical of Small Town America. It is the county seat for Montrose County, a sprawling county that takes up much of the southwestern part of the […]

Atascosa Animal Allies to the rescue

Most residents of Atascosa County already are aware there is a problem with animals—not the pets, of course, but of the stray or feral animals that are abundant in unincorporated areas as well as in city limits in many cases. Animal Control officials or police have their hands full already, and not much time for stray animals, but law enforcement […]

An early morning fire…

I t was in the late fall of 1975. I was living with my wife and son in an upstairs apartment on the north side of San Antonio—a twobedroom apartment. Our downstairs neighbor was an older lady who lived alone in an apartment like ours with a living room adjoining a dining area facing a kitchen, and the bedrooms in […]

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