Warren Domke

Getting along without Internet

We get used to modern amenities and wonder what it would be like to get along without them. These days modern amenities have to include Internet. I recently spent a week and a half without Internet at home, and it was harder in some ways than getting along without electricity. Or was it? Years ago, when I was a pre-teen, […]

Remembering my mother

We all have mothers and we have very warm feelings toward them. And we all have stories to tell about them. Those of us who are fortunate enough to still have them around should appreciate them every day, because they—like us—don’t live forever. My Mom, Estelle Stossel Domke, was one of seven children born to a Polish immigrant family that […]

Me, my dad and my crystal set…

I was eight or nine years old, a Cub Scout, doing achievements as part of my progression in Scouting. In one achievement we were supposed to build a crystal set. If you don’t know what a crystal set is, lots of people have never heard of them. A crystal set is a type of primitive radio receiver. They were popular […]

I remember my Father and how he died

Most of my columns are on the lighter side, which is where most of my thoughts are. This one is an exception that I hope most of our readers will appreciate. This is about my father. He was a man of principle, a good worker and an entrepreneur. He died too young, of a disease that is the other subject […]

The Final 4-Star Bob Hope Christmas Special

It was sometime late in the year 1992 that we at Kelly Air Force Base were alerted to the fact that our base would host the Bob Hope Christmas Special that year. As long as I could remember, the Bob Hope Christmas Special was one of the highlights of every Christmas season, featuring comedy routines, musical entertainment and plenty of […]

Phonograph records? What’s a phonograph?

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m kind of old. Old enough to remember things young people haven’t even heard of, like phonograph records and especially the old Victrola phonograph, or “talking machine.” Living in Chicago our main home entertainment in the middle 1940s was the radio, usually a console radio. But my Wyoming grandparents had a Victrola, and it was the […]

We are Too Soon Old and Too Late Smart

People ask me where I get the ideas for my columns and especially where I get the titles. Sometimes they just pop into my head, but this one was on a bumper sticker—or was it on a T-Shirt? More or less the same difference. Pearls of wisdom are found in the strangest “oyster shells.” “We are too soon old and […]

Living life to the fullest

The spelling word for today: “Octogenarian. O-C-T-O-GE N-A-R-I-A-N. Octogenarian.” Definition: “A person who is 80 to 89 years old.” Well, that’s not me, yet. But in two more years and one month I will – God willing – reach that age. In a month I will turn 78 years old and that sometimes is astounding to me. How did I […]

Spelling Bees—learning how to spell and have fun

From first grade through my sophomore year, I attended schools in Montrose, Colorado. Two things they got right were phonics and spelling, and they also made a pretty good reader out of me. I wanted to read, and the teachers encouraged reading skills. At some point our classes started having spelling bees to drill us on correct spelling—I think it […]

Why, oh why, Wyoming?

My mother was born in Wyoming in October of 1919. Her parents were Polish immigrants who came from Austria around the turn of the 20th Century and settled in the United States. Why Austria? Poland didn’t exist when they lived in Europe. It had been partitioned and their part of it was in Austria. Like many immigrants, they traveled to […]

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