Paul Michael Jones

Sleepless in Atascosa

The greatest miracle ever performed through a man was done while he was asleep. Magicians pull rabbits out of hats. God pulled a woman out of Adam’s side. Eve, the crown jewel of all creation, was fashioned and forged by God against the backdrop of peace and rest. Sleep is deceptive. At first glance, it appears that a sleeping person […]

Image and Immortality

Looks can be deceiving. Take for instance the Aloe vera plant. To the untrained eye, a fully grown Aloe vera looks like a dull green octopus of a plant with thorny protrusions that can cut you. Yet, the ancient Egyptians referred to it as “The Plant of Immortality” partly because of its ability to thrive in the most harsh of […]

Down to Earth

One of my love languages is having brutally honest conversations. I adore earthy, earnest devotees to the naked truth. Some might even accuse me of being a verbal nudist. I just can’t help myself. I love the freedom of being known fully and knowing others in all of their naked glory… verbally speaking. There’s just something about connecting with another […]

Peaches, Potties and Powerful Kings

Most obese people are full of it, and they don’t even know it. Let me explain. Though it is true that obese people tend to be full of excuses on why they are unable to lose weight, what I discovered in my own weight loss journey was that they are even fuller of misinformation about healthy weight loss… that, and […]

Hugging El Chupacabra

Most people are fat because their bodies are starving and scared. This is the foundational counterintuitive lesson that I learned in my weight loss journey. The average American consumes foods and drinks that are rich in calories and poor in nutrients. This kind of malnutrition sends your body into survival mode where it then decides to pack on the pounds […]

The End Of Obesity

Hold my beer while I go end the obesity epidemic. Does that sound outlandish to you? Oh, ye of little faith, if only you knew the mountains that you could move. Recent statistics state that while about 13% of the world is dying from a lack of food, about 30% of the adults worldwide are eating themselves to death. As […]

In the Year 2020

There are some things in life that will only be given to you through prayer alone, and there are other things that will never darken your door unless you get off your fat fanny and do something. It takes wisdom to know when to wait patiently in prayer and when to take a flying leap of faith. I’m not saying […]

The Mystery of the Magi

I ’ve always loved the story of the Magi. These enigmatic sojourners from the East captured my imagination at an early age and have yet to cease inspiring my man-child sense of awe and wonder. Like the ever elusive Melchizedek of the Old Testament, the Magi inject a fresh sense of mystique into the embryonic development of the New Testament […]

Fear not


I n February of 1991, a river of tears poured down my nine-yearold face. My parents had flown to Canada in the wake of my greatgrandmother’s death and had left my three brothers and I under the care of my Texan grandparents. They buried Grandma Taylor on Valentine’s Day, which was fitting because she was a woman of ferocious love. […]

Peace on Earth


In 1914, during the First World War, a Christmas miracle happened. British and German troops ceased their fighting so they could celebrate Christmas together. Troops from both warring parties exchanged goodwill with one another. They sang Christmas carols together, played soccer, swapped cigarettes, and even helped each other bury their dead. Days later, they returned to their fighting under the […]

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