Paul Michael Jones

Mediator in the middle

Heavy is the head who wears the mediator’s crown. I’ve always felt like the monkey in the middle. In any given argument, I could always see things from both perspectives, even if I didn’t agree with either. In most of those disagreements, I would transmute from monkey into mediator to rescue the warring parties from themselves. Other times, I would […]

Human Legos

Lately, I’ve felt like 2020 has been herding me precariously toward the precipice of a grand paradigm shift. Simply put, my life is about to change … a lot. This year has given us all much reason to pause and ponder. And in my own musings, I have found myself at a professional crossroads. I’m not sure if you all […]

The adamantium hope of huskies

I ’ve always loved stormy weather. As I see thunderheads forming in the distance, there is a kind of childish glee that leaps inside of me. A bassy growl erupts from a towering cumulus cloud. Lightning bolts dance across the sky with fanciful flight, foreshadowing the sonic boom that is about to be born. The pounding of a warrior’s drum […]

Devils and dining room tables

The Devil is a divider. But, then again, so is Jesus. Both are polarizing figures. That’s why it takes discernment to distinguish whether someone is dividing people for their own destruction or for the creation of a better humanity. In case you are having a hard time telling the difference during these tumultuous times, it helps to remember that the […]

Gentle giants

Last week, I saved a tiny black and white kitten from a gang of angry chickens. I was eating dinner at my parents’ house. Normally, all of their animals get along splendidly … but not that night. After finishing my meal, I peered through the kitchen window and noticed a scuffle. At first, it was difficult to make out what […]


No one sabotages your life more than you do. If you spend much time at all on this rock we call Earth, you will eventually become the victim of both abuse and neglect from those around you. True as that may be, the deeper truth is that we are all our own worst enemies. That childhood dream that you gave […]

The brilliance of blessings

Some weeks are better than others. The last seven days have been extraordinarily kind to me. It all started on Monday when I was gifted with the privilege of eating lunch with one of my favorite former students. Our conversation was seasoned with deep insights, delightful topics and a few merry laughs. On Tuesday, my mom delivered the jubilant news […]

Healing the heavy heart

Sometimes I feel like Atlas. The world is a heavy weight to have on your shoulders, and in this day and age, who doesn’t feel weighed down. Headline after news headline proclaims fresh dispensations of melancholy. Last week was especially heavy for me. The week began with the breaking news of Ahmaud Arbery’s death, which apparently had been under the […]

Drunk on desire

Lately, I’ve felt bombarded by the reigning rhetoric being promulgated to the masses, telling us that people need to get what they deserve. Now, there are always fat pharisees out there rounding up the gang to toss stones at “deserving” sinners. I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the trendy online gurus who are selling the line that you […]

The gravy train of gratitude

C.S. Lewis once likened hell to a kind of spiritual insane asylum, where the inmates had locked themselves inside. Whatever your thoughts are on the afterlife, I believe you will concur that there are people in this world who seem to have unwittingly barred themselves from blessings because of their own bitter perspectives. Have you ever noticed that the people […]

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