Paul Michael Jones

Bone broth and bogus broadcasts

Have you ever had the sneaking suspicion that the story being spun or sold to you wasn’t holding any water? You know… there were just too many holes in the plot. I’ve met a number of con artists and grifters in my lifetime. Many of them were people who attended church religiously, and some of them were even running “the […]

Sangrias and social distancing

Years ago, I had farmer friends who lived nearby. Occasionally, I would go out to the farm to lend a hand. During that time, the rain and the ground were not on speaking terms. There was a severe drought, and cactus had to be burned just to feed the cattle. After working out in the fields, punished by the merciless […]

Focusing on flourishing

Belay the stampede and mass panic. The zombie apocalypse is not here… at least not yet. The coronavirus craze has hit with fears ablaze, and I’m left pondering how we might better focus on flourishing. If there is one thing that I learned over the last three years in the valley of my deep depression, it was how to train […]

Feeding the fire

Have you ever wondered why some people have lightning fast metabolisms and why yours crawls at a tortoise’s pace? It’s true that some people are born with rare genetics inscribed with unique instructions on how to burn calories in an uncanny way. However, some people just know how to stoke the ancient fire of metabolism by leveraging the natural resources […]

The Kefir Cult

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine jokingly stated that I had started a cult. At the time, I was a youth minister, and the idea of being labeled a cult leader was far from what I was shooting for. But, truth be known, I was pretty pleased with my little clan. The “cult” in question was what […]

Fat Pastors

Have you ever noticed how many fat pastors there are? I used to be a fat pastor. Now, I’m just a fat person … trying to find my way back to the ever elusive Narnia of good health. Still, in my time as a minister, I noticed how prevalent the protruding potbelly was among those wearing holy cloth. The prayer […]

Sleepless in Atascosa

The greatest miracle ever performed through a man was done while he was asleep. Magicians pull rabbits out of hats. God pulled a woman out of Adam’s side. Eve, the crown jewel of all creation, was fashioned and forged by God against the backdrop of peace and rest. Sleep is deceptive. At first glance, it appears that a sleeping person […]

Image and Immortality

Looks can be deceiving. Take for instance the Aloe vera plant. To the untrained eye, a fully grown Aloe vera looks like a dull green octopus of a plant with thorny protrusions that can cut you. Yet, the ancient Egyptians referred to it as “The Plant of Immortality” partly because of its ability to thrive in the most harsh of […]

Down to Earth

One of my love languages is having brutally honest conversations. I adore earthy, earnest devotees to the naked truth. Some might even accuse me of being a verbal nudist. I just can’t help myself. I love the freedom of being known fully and knowing others in all of their naked glory… verbally speaking. There’s just something about connecting with another […]

Peaches, Potties and Powerful Kings

Most obese people are full of it, and they don’t even know it. Let me explain. Though it is true that obese people tend to be full of excuses on why they are unable to lose weight, what I discovered in my own weight loss journey was that they are even fuller of misinformation about healthy weight loss… that, and […]

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