Enjoying iconic and new-ish films

The Way I See It

I was talking with a friend the other day and they asked what was the last movie I saw in a theater. I had to think a bit about this. I realized that it was “Coco” which I saw with my son and daughterin law for our November birthdays. It seems I don’t get out much to see movies. I […]

Atascosa County Judge’s Report

Atascosa County Judge

Where I left my story last week on the development of the County wide EMS was that the new infant system was struggling. Remember each unit (one in Lytle, Poteet and Pleasanton) was an independent 501C3 organization with an ambulance provided by the county and the housing provided by the city. Because of the struggles I mentioned last week (for […]

Mayor’s Message

Greetings from the Mayor’s office: Something that has intrigued me for many years is the subject of Desalination. The technology of removing salt and contaminants from brackish groundwater and seawater. When I first heard of this technology and started doing some research, I found that it has been around for many years-even going back as far as the early Egyptians […]

‘If you don’t vote, don’t crab’

Local Matters

My mother, Judy Wilkerson, had a saying that she stole from Peanuts character Lucy Van Pelt, “If you don’t vote, don’t crab.” Atascosa County residents have a very important election to turn out for on July 31 – Texas Senate District 19. Governor Greg Abbott called this special election to fill the unexpired term of Carlos Uresti who resigned as […]

Headgear – not my thing

Here in Texas it seems a lot of the men and many women like to wear hats or caps, but for some reason I am not a big fan of headgear, although, on a sunny day, something on the head is definitely good. Maybe it’s a rebellion against my years of military service when I had to wear a hat […]

Atascosa County Judge’s Report


Atascosa County Judge’s Report I am going to write a column series on EMS (Emergency Medical Service): how it started, how we got here and where we are going. Many counties do not have any EMS at all. Many counties are trying to start one.  Many, many more have systems that are funded by ESDs (special taxing district), the closest […]

Mayor’s Message


Mayor’s Message     Greetings from the Mayor’s office:      Pleasanton’s latest Texas Historical Marker was unveiled this past Saturday. Located at the Longhorn Museum, the marker is dedicated to Ben and Mona Parker and KBOP Radio.      Other Texas Historical Markers in Pleasanton include:      Marker 4056, erected in 1973, and commemorates the City of Pleasanton […]

242 Years later—the United States of America


242 Years later—the United States of America Fifty-six men signed it. It had been approved two days earlier, on July 2nd, 1776, but it was ratified that Thursday, July 4th, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We know it as the Declaration of Independence. It was adopted by the Second Continental Congress, meeting at the Pennsylvania State House (now known as Independence Hall).  […]

U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of Texas redistricting maps


U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of Texas redistricting maps AUSTIN — The United States Supreme Court voted 5-4 on June 25 to approve 10 of 11 disputed Texas House and congressional redistricting maps used in the state’s 2014 and 2016 elections. The court ruled that only Texas House District 90 in Fort Worth was gerrymandered along racial lines and therefore […]

Community news matters and our community matters to us


Community news matters and our community matters to us The shooting that took place on Thursday that took the lives of five Capital Gazette journalists – Robert Hiaasen, Wendi Winters, Gerald Fischman, John McNamara and Rebecca Smith – is heartbreaking. That the Gazette still managed to get a newspaper out despite this horrific tragedy has captured the nation’s attention at the […]

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