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Livestock sales report, Sept. 7

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Steers-Med. & Lg.200-300 lb. $160-190300-400 lb. $155-185400-500 lb. $145-180500-600 lb. $140-160600-700 lb. $125-147700-800 lb. $120-140800-900 lb. $105-130Heifers-Med. & Lg.200-300 lb. $145-175300-400 lb. $140-157400-500 lb. $130-150500-600 lb. $120-145600-700 lb. $110-135700-800 lb. $105-131800-900 lb. $90-120Slaughter Bulls1,300-1,545 lb. $80.00-90.50Slaughter Cows950-1,610 lb. $55.00-77.00800-925 lb. $42.00-55.00THIN 30.00-42.00Bred Cows850-1,440 lb. $650.00-1,450Cow-Calf Pairs740-925 lb. $500.00-810.00Steers 134Heifers 97Cows 54Bulls 10Calves 0Bull Yearlings 3 TOTAL 298

Gardening Q&A

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Plant Q & A

Q. I have dead-looking areas in my lawn. They are mostly in the sunniest part. What do you think is causing it? Most years the lawn is green all summer. A. If it is brown areas in the hottest part of the lawn it is usually caused by a lack of water or chinch bugs. To check if it is […]

Taber Garcia earns title AJRA World Champ Barrel Racer

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McMullen County ISD junior, Taber Garcia, earned the title American Junior Rodeo Association World Champion Barrel Racer in Sweetwater on Aug. 1, 2021. By the last week in July, Garcia and her horse Chili had competed in 11 rodeos to reach the Finals. Together they finished No. 1 for the season. With another horse, Famous, she also competed in breakaway […]

Sign up for 4-H, fun

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It’s time to make those smiles last a lifetime. Join Atascosa 4-H today for your child’s opportunity to learn about Agriculture and Livestock, Family and Community Health, Leadership and Citizenship, Natural Resources, STEM and more. Contact the Atascosa County Extension Office at 830-569-0034 or visit their website,, or Facebook page,

Time to order swine tags

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For 4-H members that exhibit swine, it’s time to order your tags. They are $16 for major tags and $1 for county-only tags. The deadline to order is Sept. 13, 2021. Come by the extension office to complete your order or, for those that may not be able to make it into the office, there is an online option at […]

Broiler order time for ACLS

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If you are a 4-H member and want to show County Broilers for the 2022 Atascosa County Livestock Show, now is the time to order. They will be $1.75 for the 2021-2022 year and the order deadline is Sept. 13, 2021. In-person orders should be turned in at the Extension Office. A online option is also available at https:// […]

Texas A&M Forest Service offers tips to prevent timber theft

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In light of a recent timber theft investigation in Cherokee County, the Texas A&M Forest service is working to bring violaters to justice as well offer tips for landowners in order to prevent timber theft on their property. Read the notice below for more information. Arrest made in Cherokee County timber theft investigation COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS – Clinton Moore, 61, […]

Hints for the Hired Man

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On the Edge of Common Sense

Hints for the Hired Man 1. If the new boss’s hat isn’t sweatstained, you can pretty much figger whose will be. 2. Phrases like, “My dad never paid me a dime till I was 25” or “I haven’t had a day off since dad’s funeral in 2017” should put you on guard. 3. Expensive equipment doesn’t guarantee you’ll be paid […]

Atascosa Livestock sales report, Aug. 31

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Steers-Medium &Large200-300 lb. $150-175300-400 lb. $155-180400-500 lb. $145-175500-600 lb. $140-168600-700 lb. $120-150700-800 lb. $115-140800-900 lb. $105-125Heifers-Medium &Large200-300 lb. $140-172 300-400 lb. $140-160400-500 lb. $130-155500-600 lb. $115-149600-700 lb. $110-142700-800 lb. $105-128800-900 lb. $95-118Slaughter Bulls1,590-1,780 lb. $85-911,035-1,410 lb. $72-86Slaughter Cows975-1,505 lb. $63-78800-950 lb. $45-63 Bred Cows750-1,250 lb. $800-1,325Cow-Calf PairsNoneSteers 160Heifers 132Cows 46Bulls 10Calves 0Bull Yearlings 12TOTAL 360

55th annual Pleasanton Young Farmers’ Rodeo results announced

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It didn’t happen in 2020, but wild horses couldn’t stop the Pleasanton Young Farmers from hosting the 55th annual Open Rodeo and Festival in 2021. Held August 20-21 at the Atascosa County Show Barn in Pleasanton, “The Richest Open Rodeo in Texas” awarded a total payout of $30,280 including $13,500 added money. Atascosa Livestock Exchange sponsored the 2021 Cowboy of […]

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