We the People

I woke up this morning with one word running through my head: accountability. Now, this is not my normal state of affairs- I generally wake up and start thinking about coffee. This was a significant change to my daily thought patterns and rituals. There was something about this 14 letter word that had elbowed itself into my waking thoughts. The […]

From the Right

Sunday I was watching a trusted conservative pundit discuss the upcoming midterm elections and he offered his opinion as to the 10 top reasons to vote Republican in those elections. Thinking through his observations, I thought it timely to share my own top 5 for the residents of Atascosa County and Senate District 19. 1. The Courts – we have […]

From the Right

The good news and the bad news. The good news is that Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed by the United States Senate and is now Justice Kavanaugh, the 114th person to serve on the United States Supreme Court. The bad news is the shameful way he was treated during the confirmation process. Brett Kavanaugh, who had been through six FBI […]

We the People


Normally, when I sit down to write my weekly column, I find inspiration for the subject from something in my daily life. Last week it was a book, the week before it was my tennis shoes, then the words begin to flow, and I have to get to my computer ASAP. This week, no such luck. I feel an overwhelming […]

Response to Oct. 3 “Letter to the Editor”

FREE Atascosa County Animal Control

NEWS FLASH………………… We’re not perfect………. We have a confession to make. We’re not perfect……. We’re not perfect because our phone service was not operational on Day 1 due to our phone provider not updating our phone number. We’re not perfect because our state inspection, which was due on Friday, was re-scheduled by the State inspector. We’re not perfect because we […]

We the People

“This arrived in the mail for you today,” said my husband a few weeks ago. With a big grin, he handed me a book-shaped package and watched me open it. It was indeed a book; titled “The Know Your Bill of Rights Book” written by Sean Patrick and suitably subtitled “Don’t lose your constitutional rights, Learn them!” My husband then […]

From the Right

Your vote hires! And your vote fires! Two weeks ago we saw this principle at work when the voters of Senate District 19 decided that enough was enough and they elected a Republican as State Senator to represent the District for the first time in 139 years! The importance of each and every vote became overwhelmingly clear when we saw […]

Being a good neighbor

Nearly every Christian is familiar with that part of Luke Chapter 10 we know as the Parable of the Good Samaritan, and we can cite the lesson Jesus was teaching. But we could also call it the Parable of the Good Neighbor, because the question Christ was answering was “Who is my neighbor?” The young lawyer who asked the question […]

Driving? Watch for school buses!

With school now in session every vehicle driver should be very aware of school zones, school crossings, school buses or even neighborhoods where there may be school children. If you’re driving a car, a pickup truck or a commercial vehicle, the rules are pretty much the same when approaching a school bus–slow down, watch for signals and stop or pass […]

From the Right

The tide is out! On Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018 we all became part of history as Peter Flores was overwhelmingly elected State Senator from our Senate District 19. For the first time in 139 years we have a Republican representing Senate District 19. And for the first time in history we will have a supermajority in the Texas Senate. The […]

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