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Brush Country Christmas Story Entry- My Christmas Miracle

By Lisa Luna | January 03, 2020

Folks I have something to share that is truly MY Christmas miracle. My family and Charlotte friends will understand the importance. Far too many years ago we suffered the second greatest loss of our lives, we lost Betsy Ann Bryan.    The Christmas after that when Linda and I went home for Christmas, all the aunts and uncles were at mommas. […]

Brush Country Christmas Story Contest Entry- The Dusty Poet

By Lisa Luna | December 27, 2019

Jim stopped in the doorway, wishing he had declined the invitation to go to his friend’s writing group’s Christmas party tomorrow. Even though it had been five years since his mom passed away, he still couldn’t bring himself to go into the writing room that they once shared. Jim’s mom was a lover of stories and she would scribble her […]