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Most community newspapers are surviving, but it isn’t easy. I hear about struggles on a monthly, if not weekly basis.

I would like to share a letter to the editor Commerce City Mayor Wyman Williams wrote upon hearing the Commerce Journal would cease their print version.

Letter to the Editor |

I am saddened … at the recent Commerce Journal headline indicating that our city would be losing a 130 year friend … the print version of our newspaper.

I am embarrassed … that I have been mayor of Commerce for over three years and have not prioritized explaining the unique role that print media could and should play in the most unusual marketplace that is Commerce, Texas. I am embarrassed … that I have not explained to university administrators, faculty and staff the difficulties for local merchants to succeed in a market that has four months out of each year (three months in the summer and one month between fall and spring semesters) that population drops 40% to 50%. Because 80% of university employees do not live in Commerce, merchants have great difficulty deciding how to invest limited advertising dollars to reach this lucrative market. If the print version of the Journal was displayed in every dean’s office and departmental office with an expectation that every employee would benefit by becoming aware of not only the retail available near their workplace, but also the reports about the city, county, school district and hospital district board meetings that together support the work environment of all employees.

I am embarrassed … that I have not challenged the leadership of the chamber of commerce to support the Commerce Journal by buying a page a week for chamber news instead of competing with a monthly advertising supported newsletter. If there were distribution on campus as explained above, advertisers would quickly recognize a reason to be regularly seen in the Journal.

I am embarrassed … that I have not brought together our campus storytellers, namely marketing and communications which includes our 100,000 watt KETR radio station, journalism instruction which includes the campus newspaper, the East Texan and our radio and TV instruction to visit with the ownership of the Journal to bring opportunity to our students to get real world experience covering campus and community news thereby improving interest in reading the newspaper.

I am embarrassed … that I have not informed the community of the incredibly entrepreneurial ownership of our newspaper. It is based in Montgomery, Alabama, and owned by the Alabama State Retirement System, which also owns the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trails. They own similar newspaper operations in over 25 states and advertise

Alabama tourism in each of those papers. For years our graduates have been hired by CNHI and have been given great opportunity to advance their careers.

I am determined … to bring these conversations about for the purpose of assuring CNHI that our community will support the Commerce Journal print version so it will be sustainably profitable. In a town of 9,000-plus people, only 400 subscriptions are current. Our city is dependent on sales tax collected on taxable items purchased within our city limits. One and a half percent of the 8.25% collected returns to us. One percent goes directly to the city operating budget (almost 40% of the budget) and a half percent to the Commerce Industrial Development efforts (about $500,000 a year.)

Sincerely, — Wyman Williams Mayor

The way I see it, as I was reading the mayor’s letter, the lyrics “You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone” from the song made popular on the movie “Pitch Perfect” kept playing through my head. Please support this paper and other community newspapers. Shop with the advertisers. Engage in your communities by contacting your local paper to share your events, news and such. Please buy advertisements. Please subscribe or buy issues off the rack. There is a wealth of information out there. Laying on your couch posting questions on social media sites is the lazy way of getting connected. Go to the best source … your local newspaper.

SUE BROWN is a columnist of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at psuebrown@gmail.com.

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