You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to

A fun quiz popped up again on my Facebook feed last week from our Texas State Representive Ryan Guillen’s page.

It had first made its appearance in 2015 via the Houston Chronicle asking if people knew the correct pronunciation of several small Texas towns.

The main photo on Rep. Guillen’s page was that of Jourdanton. The question “Jourdanton is pronounced


B. JERD-en-ton

Of course the correct answer is “B” if you’re from around these parts. If not, I’ll give a bit of leeway here since it is named for Jourdan Campbell who founded said city in 1909.

When new residents move into our county, you can be certain that they will pronounce it like “A”. Or, they may say “Jordington”. Even Pleasanton falls into that mispronunciation. 

For me, it is like fingernails on a chalkboard. I’d rather them mash all the letters together and say “Pled-non” instead.

My former college friend reminded me of the old joke about the two men traveling through East Texas. They stopped at a fast food restaurant in Mexia.

Locals pronounce the town “My-hair” but “Ma-hay-uh” is the correct way and the two men ask the counter person “Please say where we are, very slowly, to settle a bet.” 

The employee responds “Da-ir-y Qu-ee-n!”

The way I see it, all kidding aside, we Texans have funny ways to say things. The names of towns are among many, I’m sure.

Here’s the link if it is hard to find on Facebook.


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