Yes to VBS!



This week at church we are
having Vacation Bible School. VBS, for short, basically consists of
Bible study, worship rally (meeting together), snack and recreation. 

a fun, exciting and exhausting time!  I have been involved with VBS
most of my adult life and I am in my fourth year of helping with the
kindergarten age group.  I never went as a kid. Even if my parents had
tried to take me, I was so shy, I wouldn’t have allowed it (picture
kicking, screaming, crying, and holding on to the car…I was that kid).

I can’t speak for what this summer-time tradition used to be like. I
can only tell you that now days, we go all out.  Some might say that it
is a bit much, and maybe it is. But for us adults, decorating is pretty
fun. You can do some amazing things with rolls of colored paper! You can
create mountains, waterfalls, planes, cities, country-sides, animals
(of all sorts), trains, and amazing far away places…The list goes on
and on.  There are so many kids that haven’t had much experience outside
of our small little south Texas towns, it’s fun to give their
imagination some 3D imagery.

Sure there is some
stress to VBS, I’m not gonna lie…Especially if you are like me and
aren’t the most organized, prepared person. But, really, the kids don’t
care.  They just want to have fun.

It’s also a great time to get to know people in the community.  

My kids went to Alto Frio Camp last week, and they came back saying “I am the church. We are the church. Be the church.”  

a great opportunity to put this into practice!  Spend some time getting
to know some little people. Letting them know you care. Being, or in my
case, trying to be Jesus with skin.  That’s the most important
part of Vacation Bible School, teaching the kids about Jesus, and how he
loves them.  

It’s an exhausting time, but I never regret it. I always enjoy it! And I hope the kiddos do too.

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