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There is no smell I love more (outside of a dojo) than a brand new blank paged journal. It just moves my pen.

I enjoy journaling. I have at least four different journals right now. I keep one for poetry, one for Jui Jitsu, one for story writing and one online for all things me. Not to mention the multiple stories I keep on the computer which aren’t quite journaling, but self expression none the less.

Journaling can be very therapeutic. I find it relaxing and the perfect way to ensure that I do not bite any heads off. It’s great for letting off steam and to work through things. Even self heal. Sometimes just getting it out helps. You can always tear it up or burn it after if you’d like.

If you keep a daily journal and you’re not afraid of the digital age, Penzu.com is a great journaling website. You sign up with a password and can keep it private in your settings. While they do offer a package with bells and whistles for an annual price, I opt for the free version which has everything I need; a fresh space and convenience. They also have an app available on itunes, but I believe it’s paired with the paid version. Either way, it’s a good way to move through things whether they’re positive or negative.

A journal is somewhere you can be completely honest with yourself. It’s a place that has no past. Just a future.

JESSICA M. MACHADO is the Pleasanton Express Webmaster. She may be contacted at jmachado@pleasantonexpress.com

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