World’s best chicken?



into one of my first recipes I was completely gung ho. Through trial
and error (as with everything in life) I got through it.

found “The World’s Best Chicken” recipe as it was called. While I did
have high expectations, I was sure it would not be “WORLD’S BEST
CHICKEN”.  I also made cheesy zucchini rice as a side dish.

I pick out chicken for my house I buy boneless, skinless chicken
breast. I’m weird and don’t like meat with a bone. This is something
you’ll see over and over in any recipe I use. I’ve just got this weird
thing about meat on a bone. LOL

set up all of my ingredients on my kitchen table and get all of my
measuring cups, spoons, etc. ready to go. I began measuring and mixing
when I noticed that I had honey dijon mustard and not regular dijon
mustard. So I just went with it. This may be a factor as to why mine was
not “world’s best”. Don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely delicious. I
will make it again. My kids gobbled it up.

cheesy zucchini rice was incredibly simple. Once again garlic got the
best of me. This time it was garlic powder. I feel like maybe it called
for too much garlic powder. Of course, this is my opinion. It was
delicious though. I may lay off a bit on the garlic powder next time.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of the chicken and rice.

I made a second dish last week. It was a simple salmon recipe. I was
attracted to the recipe because of how easy it sounded. It simply said
“Tin foil, lemon, salmon, butter, S&P – Wrap it up tightly and bake
for 25 minutes at 300°.” Not so. I should have listened to my gut. The
first time I read the recipe I thought it didn’t seem hot enough or like
enough time. But, I ignored my doubts and went along with the recipe.

long story short (too late), I was right. It took over 40 minutes to
finish and I even had to turn the temperature up to 350. By the time the
salmon was ready my sides were cold 🙁

was very good though. Next time I’ll follow the cooking directions on
the pack of salmon and not the recipe so that it doesn’t take so long.
Or at least so I can time the side dishes just right. Oh yeah, the side
dishes. I made a boxed rice pilaf (I’m looking for a recipe or you can
email me one if you’d like) and some grilled asparagus.

You can also find all online recipes on our Pinterest boards. Next week I plan to make meatloaf (well I make turkey meatloaf) and actual real mashed potatoes. Send me your recipes!! Stay tuned Cookies.

Simple salmon recipe

Simple salmon recipe

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