Wintergarden District Fall CDE Invitational



On Wednesday, September 23, Jourdanton FFA, Pleasanton FFA, Poteet FFA, Lytle FFA and Tilden FFA members competed in the first contest for the 2020-2021 school year at the Wintergarden District Fall CDE Invitational at the Peeler Ranch in Christine.

Here are the results:

Pleasanton FFA

Chapter Farmer Homesite Evaluation-4th place:

Chloe Nieschwitz, Alexis Cumberland, Kinsley Barker and Dakota Fulcher.

Chapter Farmer Plant ID- 3rd place:

Lacey Stevens-3rd, Monty Cain-4th, Kayli Kennedy and Brady Stevens.

Chapter Farmer Range Evaluation-6th place:

Stayton Hagen, Wyatt Porter and McAda Rutherford.

Chapter Farmer Land-5th place:

Sadie McAda-7th, Victoria Urbanczyk-8th, Tristan Barker and Colbey Fey.

Greenhand Plant ID-4th place:

Joyce Hurley

Jourdanton FFA

Chapter Farmer Plant ID- 5th Place:

Aiden Guzman, Madison Yow, Jordan Wallace, Laurie Kubish, Garrison Vyvlecka, Molly Fluitt, Kylyn Smithey and Miranda Jones.



Greenhand Plant ID-2nd Place:

Marti Ducoté-High Point Individual, Madison Garvin-5th, Shaylyn Trench-10th and McKenzie Bauerle.

Chapter Farmer Range Evaluation-2nd Place:

Michael Howard- 3rd, Riley Howard- 5th, Weston Eisenhauer 8th, Sawyer Huggins, Tate Yow, Kooper Schorsch and Jacob Meyer.

Greenhand Range Evaluation-3rd Place:

Trevor Dickey-6th, Drake Vyvlecka-7th, Neal Parks- 9th, McKenzie Lutz-10th, Matthew Hicks and Kynlea Yow.

Chapter Farmer Homesite Evaluation-3rd Place:

Jenny Vrana-6th, Sydney Blair-8th, Claire Vyvlecka- 10th, Lexi Sandoval, Ally Foster, Kirby McNeill and Cali Hindes.

Chapter Farmer Land Judging-2nd Place:

Madi Vick-2nd, Kristin Mueller- 4th, Diego Valdez- 10th, Rene Ortiz, Macey Briones and Savannah Segura.

Greenhand Land Judging:

Curtis Steinle-6th

Poteet FFA

Chapter Farmer Plant ID- 4th place:

Brooke Rasmussen, Julia Smith, Madison Maglievaz, Haley Hammonds, Tex Anderson and Katelyn Smith.

Chapter Farmer Range Evaluation-7th place:

Cutter Blagg, Dalton Wilson, Landa Usvaldo andJulian Moya.

Tilden FFA

Chapter Farmer Homesite Evaluation-2nd place:

Joell Cline-3rd, Charity Harris-4th, Jaidyn Naylor- 5th, Allison Rowe-7th, Emily Measels-9th, Emery Robles, Marshall Swaim, April Packer and Vicky Tijernia.

Chapter Farmer Range Evaluation-1st place:

Kaylie Measels-High Point Individual, Riley Reed-2nd, Cody Wheat-4th, Delaney Smith-6th, Mollee Couch, Shelby Slavinski, Rainey Hamilton and River Hamilton.

Chapter Farmer Plant ID- 6th place:

Aaron Lewis, Mason Royal, Makenzie Sherrer, Zowee Latham, Marissa Blanco and Ryleigh Kuehlem.

Greenhand Range Evaluation 1st place:

Jayden Jones-High Point Individual, Abbi McClaugherty 2nd, Riley Turner-4th, Nate Royal-5th and Roel Gamez.

Lytle FFA

Chapter Farmer Plant ID- 9th place:

Cort Haltom, Bree Criswell, Allison Marshall and Rylynn Null.

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