Wild Bill’s Pumpkin Run Saturday, Nov. 7Free Access

Participate in the first ever Wild Bill’s Pumpkin Run in Poteet on Saturday, Nov. 7 to raise money for a diabetic alert dog. James and Jennifer George are the parents of a Type 1 (T1D) son named Billy Andrew George.

What is a Diabetic Alert Dog? For years, Diabetes Assist Dogs have been used to detect low blood sugar levels in their diabetic owners and warn them of a hypoglycemic attack. The idea is to have the path thru the pumpkin patch to pick out your own pumpkin, but remember you will have to carry it to the finish!

The George Family plans on continuing this an annual run, with a different child being the main focus every year. Participants and sponsors will receive swag including t-shirts, medals, and a pumpkin. Due to COVID-19, they are planning the run to include staggered start times, social distancing, and a virtual run option.

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