Where and how you can get tested for COVID-19 in Atascosa County

The Atascosa County Health Center, with offices in Pleasanton, Lytle and Tilden, is offering COVID-19 testing for those exhibiting symptoms. SAM FOWLER | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

The Atascosa County Health Center, with offices in Pleasanton, Lytle and Tilden, is offering COVID-19 testing for those exhibiting symptoms. SAM FOWLER | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

The recent uptick in positive cases of the coronavirus has left people wondering where they can get tested.

As of press time on Tuesday, there are a total of 185 cases of COVID-19, 84 of which are active, 95 recovered and two deaths as reported by the Atascosa County Emergency Management Office.

Dr. Michael McFarland, of Jourdanton, says testing is one of the most important things we can be doing to attack the virus.

“It’s very important because we just don’t know the extent of the coronavirus,” Dr. McFarland said. “Testing will help us identify those hotspots and decrease the chance of it spreading from one person to another.”

So, where can you get tested in Atascosa County?

Dr. McFarland’s office, at 1105 Oak Street in Jourdanton, is currently offering testing via a throat swab instead of a nasal swab. Due to a shortage in tests during the current flare-up in positive cases, only those with direct exposure to someone infected with the virus can receive a test. The tests are covered by most insurance providers or through the CARES Act, which says the United States Congress will foot the bill, Dr. McFarland said. His office can be reached at (830) 769-2181 to set up an appointment.

Methodist Hospital South, in Jourdanton, is offering testing but only at the recommendation of their physicians. The physician will evaluate a patient’s symptoms before ordering a test. The test will be either via a nasal swab or saliva sample.

“Methodist Hospital South is following the testing protocol set up by the Methodist Healthcare System,” Methodist Hospital said in a statement. “These guidelines include reminding everyone that if you are exhibiting symptoms and feel like you need to see a physician, you should come to our Emergency Department. A physician will evaluate your symptoms, and determine whether or not a COVID test is needed. We are not offering tests for asymptomatic patients.”

“Methodist Hospital South is not offering COVID-19 testing to the public, unless it is deemed necessary upon a medical examination by the Methodist Hospital emergency department providers,” the hospital added.

Quality Urgent Care, at 2106 W. Oaklawn in Pleasanton, is offering testing by appointment only and appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance. You can schedule online or by phone at (830) 569-1950. To receive a test, you must have had direct exposure to someone testing positive or show symptoms, such as a 102-degree fever, cough, chills or any flu-like symptoms.

Their testing is the nasal swab and recipients can either get the rapid test, which gives results in 10-20 minutes, or the lab option, which takes about a week to get results back.

The Atascosa Health Center welcomes any patients exhibiting symptoms to receive a test, but ask that you call ahead of time for a phone screening before entering their buildings so their staff can be prepared, according to their website. The test are $51, but uninsured or underinsured persons can qualify for a sliding scale discount.

Their office at 310 W. Oaklawn in Pleasanton can be reached at (830) 569-2527. The Lytle Community Health Center, at 19010 Priest Blvd., can be reached at (830) 772-9865. The McMullen County Community Health Center, at 203 Hackberry St. in Tilden, can be reached at (361) 274-3690.

Call your primary healthcare physician first before attempting to get a test. If you do not have a primary physician, please call the testing facilities before going for a test.

Note: this story was updated for clarification to testing procedures at Methodist Hospital South.

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