What if … ?



Lately, I have been spending a lot of time thinking what if … ?

Matthew West’s song, ‘What If,’ comes to mind as I write this column:

“What if today’s the only day I got?

I don’t wanna waste it if it’s my last shot.

No regrets, in the end.

I wanna know I got no what ifs.”

This past Monday, my sister Tammie and her three kids lost their husband and father, Mike, to COVID-19. He was admitted to a San Antonio hospital on Aug. 28 after suffering a major stroke and low oxygen levels. Days after being admitted, he was also diagnosed with pneumonia. For two weeks, he was placed on a ventilator to help his body rest and bring up his oxygen levels. Unfortunately, he suffered a second stroke and eventually lost all brain activity. He passed away Sept. 13 at 1:19 a.m. My family’s relationship with Mike was extremely rocky for reasons I will not explain for the sake of privacy and dignity. While speaking about the situation to a friend on Sunday, they told me that despite how “bad” a person is or what they did, you should always wish the best for them. I could not agree more. I am the type of person who will always lend a helping hand, compassion, understanding and kindness to anyone in need no matter who they are or what they’ve done to me or anyone else. In this case, despite my family’s feelings toward Mike, we put our differences aside and came together to support my sister and her children. I am not telling you this for your remorse, for you to commend me or to preach to you some more about the seriousness of COVID-19. I am telling you this for the sake that we will all put our differences aside with family, friends and even strangers to show a little more kindness, compassion and love to each other. We are living in a very difficult time right now and life is too short to not hold our loved ones a little tighter. There is no room for grudges or regrets in this lifetime. So, go out today and hold your loved ones tighter and live your life to the fullest.

No more what ifs.

REBECCA PESQUEDA is the News Editor of the Pleasanton Express. You may reach her at rpesqueda@pleasantonexpress.com

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