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Last week I attended a well-organized and thoughtful event. It was titled “Let’s talk education!” and was held at the Compass Rose Academy. Being a fan of education and public education, I was intrigued and wanted to know more, particularly as both our SD19 candidates were invited to express their views at this public forum.

I arrived, and smiling kids opened the door and greeted me. Anyone who knows me knows that I love good manners, so my heart melted and I was enamored. I entered the room where the forum was to be held and I was surrounded by activity: people chatting and greeting each other; the news media with serious looking reporters, large cameras, fuzzy microphones, and cables everywhere; intense campaign workers, and ordinary people just like me. The pledge of allegiance brought us all together, and the choir sang the national anthem beautifully as their parents and teachers looked on and beamed with pride. So did we.

Students and members of the audience had submitted their questions to the moderator. They were smart, intelligent and thought-provoking questions and Pete Gallego answered them all with the seriousness, gravity and respect that all politicians should embrace. Pete had committed to be at this event, and he stayed until every person who wanted to talk with him, talked with him. My grandfather always used to say, “Actions speak louder than words.” My Grandad was a wise man.

Pete’s commitment to public service and to we, the people is undeniable; and this commitment has been demonstrated time and time again through his actions. As our SD19 senator, Pete has committed to our seniors, our veterans, our young folk and their education, and our healthcare.

For our seniors: Pete has pledged to fight for Medicaid funding, and improve services so seniors can age with dignity at home. He also wants to make more improvements to the oversight of long term healthcare.

For our veterans: Pete is committed to keeping our military bases open; providing more support and funding for veteran’s healthcare services especially services targeting PTSD and suicide prevention; and helping veterans in rural area have better access to healthcare.

For all our young folk: Pete wants to provide fully funded, quality pre-K for all Texas families; less standardized testing and more quality education; and increased access to colleges and universities through grants, scholarships and very low-interest loans.

For our healthcare: Pete is committed to making healthcare affordable and available to every Texan, without discriminating against those with pre-existing conditions, and keeping premiums low for small businesses so they can continue to grow.

Early voting has already started and will continue through Friday. The special election is on Tuesday, Sept. 18. If you need a ride, we will help you. I strongly recommend you get out and vote for our Democratic candidate, Pete Gallego and make your voice heard as loud as possible. Pete’s a good guy and he’s committed to us.

JULIE HILBERG is the Atascosa County Democratic Chair and will be writing a weekly opinion on matters that are important to her, the Democratic Party and hopefully you – the voter, as we head into the November elections. You may reach her at atascosademocrats@outlook.com.

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