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This year has flown by, and I find it hard to believe that summer is ending and we are heading into the fall. It’s been a busy year and its going to be a busier couple of months. We have two extremely important elections in front of us: the general election on November 6th and the special election runoff for SD19 on September 18th.

There are so many reasons why you should get out and vote in both these elections, but I want to focus on just a few. It is our fundamental right and moral obligation to choose the elected officials who will put forward the policies that will affect your town, our county, your job, and our country. Whether it is an election for our local or state officials, legislator or president, every citizen needs to have their say in who they want to run things. Voting ensures that our opinion is taken into account, and every vote matters. Healthcare, education, employment, taxes, highways, our food and water quality-our elected representatives make decisions that affect us all. If we don’t vote, we let someone else who does vote, make these choices for us.

Our Democratic candidate in the SD19 special election runoff is Pete Gallego and I want to take a few words to introduce him. Pete was born in Alpine, Texas-his father was a World War II vet who served in the Pacific. Pete grew up working in his family restaurant and graduated from Sul Ross University. After attending law school, Pete worked in the Attorney General’s office and then moved on to be a felony prosecutor, before running for the Texas House. Pete has a proven record of being a lawmaker: he has helped pass over 300 laws protecting children, saving rural hospitals, improving public education, strengthening small businesses and investing in the future of Texas. Pete is committed to supporting our veterans, our seniors, our children’s education, our jobs, our opportunities, and protecting our healthcare. Pete is very much a small town, rural guy at heart. He loves his faith, BBQ, his community, and Texas and I know he will be a fabulous senator for SD19. Pete will be at our meeting on September 11th-come and meet him!

Early voting for the Senate District 19 Special Election runoff begins on Monday, Sept. 10 through Friday, Sept. 14 with extended voting until 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 11. You can vote early at the Elections Office in Jourdanton. Election Day is Tuesday, Sept. 18 and I strongly encourage you all to get and vote for Pete Gallego, our Democratic candidate. Your voice and your vote counts.

JULIE HILBERG is the Atascosa County Democratic Chair and will be writing a weekly opinion on matters that are important to her, the Democratic Party and hopefully you – the voter, as we head into the November elections. You may reach her at atascosademocrats@outlook.com.

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