‘We just want her home’

Michelle Longoria Villarreal SAVANAH LONGORIA | COURTESY PHOTO

Michelle Longoria Villarreal SAVANAH LONGORIA | COURTESY PHOTO

It is still difficult for her to talk about, but Savanah Longoria recalls the moment in 2014 she knew her sister, Michelle Longoria Villarreal, was missing.

“I knew it. It was just one of those feelings. Like I told my mom, twins have that instinct when they know something’s wrong with the other one. We were so far in age, but I knew something was wrong with her,” said Savanah.

According to Savanah, Michelle’s boyfriend at the time called their mother. He said Michelle was going back to her husband and that he had left her on FM 2146 and FM 173, outside of Jourdanton. This was Feb. 5, 2014. Michelle had already been separated from her husband for awhile.

Michelle’s boyfriend said he left her with all of her belongings. A neighbor said they saw Michelle with only her purse and didn’t think anything of it.

“We have a cousin who lives around that area, so she just figured she was walking either from or to there, but that was the last time we ever heard any- thing,” said Savanah.

It didn’t make sense to Savanah that her sister never called to say she was back home.

“We never got a call or nothing. So I was calling and calling her cell phone, but it was a prepaid type of phone. After the boyfriend at the time got off the phone with my mom, it just kept going straight to voicemail. And I was just like, well, something’s not right,” Savanah said. “I told my mom, we’ve got to report it. We haven’t seen her. We haven’t spoken with her since Jan. 31.”

Michelle was not the type of person to stay away from her family for so long.

It has now been six years since her disappearance. While Michelle’s disappearance has been hard for her loved ones, Savanah said it is hardest for her four children.

“For them being so young when it happened, they remember a lot about her. That’s one thing, you know, we don’t want them to forget her either.”

Anytime Michelle’s family hear reports of a body being found, they call in to see if it is her.

“And of course, it hasn’t been her. That’s what we’re glad about, that we know that, but at the same time, we know that she’s no longer here either and that’s what makes it harder,” said Savanah. “We’ve already accepted that she’s gone. We accepted it whenever it first happened. We just want her home regardless. I said it before. It doesn’t matter how we bring her home, we’re going to bring her home. She needs to be put to rest.”

On the anniversary of Feb. 5, the family usually holds a balloon release for Michelle, either at their mother’s house or the park.

“Her kids will write messages on the balloons and then we send them off,” said Savanah.

Savanah misses her sister’s laugh the most.

“It was one of those really loud, obnoxious laughs. She would joke around all the time. She was a clown. She was real giving. She would give anything to anybody if they needed it, even if it was her last. She didn’t care. She was very loving.”

Anyone with any information or with leads on Michelle’s whereabouts or leads is asked to please call the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office at 830- 769-3434.

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