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“Walo’s Strawberry Farm is an idea that my grandfather, Don Augustine Orta, had been dreaming of when he settled in Poteet in the early 1900s,” said Leticia Salinas.

She and husband John Salinas’ farm is located at 1060 Briones Road in Poteet.

“Being a Mexican immigrant and not knowing the English language, Augustine bought a mule at auction and began farming,” said Salinas.

Her father, the late Guadalupe S. Orta is the premise of how Walo’s Strawberry Farm came to be. Leticia is a third generation farmer. He passed away in 2016. Leticia’s mother is Margaret Orta.

Her father would often ask, “Hija, cuando vas a plantar fresa?” (My daughter, when are you going to plant strawberries?)

“It has now been three years since his passing and both my father and grandfather’s dreams, strength and passion for farming has been passed down to me. I can only hope that I will be as much of an inspiration to my children as their descendants have been to me. Growing strawberries has forever been an enduring desire in the Orta family legacy. Despite all odds, the weather, finances, endless physical and strenuous work, I have found my true calling to plant Poteet strawberries.”

Pictured in front of the Walo’s Strawberry Farm banner are, left to right: Janessa Orta, Leticia Salinas and Jannell Salinas.

Although it requires a lot of work, Leticia loves farming berries. She finds it calming. She also credits her uncle Bartolomi “Polo” Oropeza for his role in the farm.

Leticia is a Registered Nurse and her husband is employed at the Atascosa County Juvenile Detention Center.

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