Edward Zamarripa
Incumbent, District 2

My name is Edward Zamarripa; I am your School Board Trustee for District 2.

I was born and raised in Pleasanton and graduated in 1977. It has been humbling to be your supportive vote in this District and now I am again asking for your support as your School Board Trustee.

We must function as a team, a hard working school board that seeks in the right direction in helping to be responsive and willing to collaborate with all members of the community, in seeing a new vision and that is achievable with hard work when moving forward in our children’s futures;

To believe in the importance of public education and that every child is deserving of an outstanding education, no matter what neighborhood he or she comes from.

I am asking for your vote as your Board Trustee for District 2.

Thank you. God bless you and your children.

Ralph Unger
Candidate, District 5



I am Ralph Unger and I am running for Pleasanton ISD School Board, District 5. I was an educator for 36 years, with over half of those here in Pleasanton as band director. I believe that I have a perspective that few on the current board have experienced. I have also lived here in Pleasanton for 29 years. My wife and I have two girls who attended Pleasanton ISD from kindergarten through graduation. I have experience working with a budget and, as a former band director, have had to make them stretch to create an outstanding program. I would like your vote to use my experience to represent you as a member of the Pleasanton ISD School Board.

Gerald P. Guerra
Candidate, Distict 2

Hello my name is Gerald P. Guerra and I am running for School Board Trustee, District 2. I have previously served on the board from 2005 to 2014. My wife and I have both graduated from Pleasanton, along with our three daughters. With that being said, I would like the community to know that I am passionate about our schools great outcomes. My main focus for serving on the board are the students, the staff and having academic excellence in the classroom. I truly believe that we should invest in our employees and their needs. As for our students, they deserve the best teachers and administrators. Therefore, I will devote my time to ensure that both students and employees prevail beyond expectation. Furthermore, I am ready to take on this role as a board member. Thank you for all your support, Gerald Guerra.



Jimmy Zuniga
Incumbent, District 5

I, Jimmy Zuniga, would greatly appreciate your support as I seek reelection as your District 5 Trustee on the Pleasanton ISD School Board. I am a 1987 graduate of Pleasanton High School, a 1991 graduate of Texas A&M University and a 1995 graduate of Texas Chiropractic College. My wife, Patricia, and I have a daughter who is a 2018 graduate of Pleasanton High School and is currently attending Texas A&M University San Antonio. We also have a son currently enrolled at Pleasanton Elementary. Our kids have been involved in many school programs such as STEM, GT, athletics, drama, band and FFA. We understand the value of such programs. Creating an environment that attracts quality teachers and promotes the success of our children is a high priority. I would love to continue as your trustee for District 5. Thank you for your vote.




Albert E. Treviño
Incumbent, Mayor

I am running for reelection for mayor. Having been involved with the city since 2016, first as a council member and now as your mayor, I have long worked for positive change in Poteet. I want to continue to work with city staff and bring new ideas and positive solutions to the residents and business owners of Poteet. As you know, I have always been concerned about our city and that is why I have an open-door policy. I believe there are workable solutions for our community. I would like to see our water system continue to improve and soon, the city will be starting a $4 million grant funded water project. Another important issue is our city park. We need to find ways to sustain our parks and provide activities for our youth. To succeed in these efforts and to continue to make change, I need your vote. Again, thank you for your support. “Always do right, this will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”



Willie Leal Jr.
Candidate, Mayor

My name is Willie Leal Jr. and I am running for Mayor for the City of Poteet. As mayor, I want to provide leadership to the city council and staff and make our mission to provide high quality services in a responsible and professional manner in order to create a desired environment to live, work, play and conduct business through cost-effective governance. To accomplish this mission, as mayor, I will see that the City government is committed to providing the citizens with a safe and clean community, efficient city services, infrastructure of adequate capacity to accommodate present and future needs, diverse opportunities for economic growth and a well-managed and fiscally sound community. As mayor, I will encourage the city government to be dedicated to accomplish its mission through professionalism, pride, service, fairness and accountability. Thank you.




Louis Vasquez
Incumbent, Place 6

My name is Louis Vasquez and I am up for re-election on the Poteet School Board, Place 6. I enjoy representing the community, staff, and children of Poteet ISD. I have strong beliefs when it comes to doing what is right for all children and that is what my vote always reflects. I am accessible and willing to listen to concerns from the community and staff. I am once again asking for your support so I can continue to represent and be your voice on the Poteet School Board. Thank you!

Carlos Zuniga Jr.
Candidate, Place 7



Community, Family and Friends,

My name is Carlos Zuniga Jr. and I am running for the Poteet ISD School Board, Place 7. I believe education is the key and I humbly ask for your support. I am a certified teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary

Studies of Science and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration. I worked for Poteet ISD for several years and I am currently a teacher/coach for Northeast ISD in San Antonio. My wife and I are graduates of Poteet High School and both educators, and currently have 4 children attending Poteet Schools. I have remained active in my community for many years donating time and efforts to local youth organizations. With my educational background and experience, I firmly believe that I can contribute to our current school board and convey an educator’s perspective.

Every vote counts.

Walter Alaniz
Candidate, Place 5

My name is Walter Alaniz. I graduated from Poteet High School in 1968. After that, I served our country for four years in the US Air Force. I’m retired from the Civil Service with 34 years.



If elected to city council, I will try to resolve as many citizens complaints with city hall. We need to hold city officials accountable for any reckless spending and excessive rate hikes that only increase impoverishment in low income areas.

City council members need to work together towards a common goal, what’s best for the citizens of Poteet, not what’s best for city hall. We need to find a way to bring back small businesses to Poteet.

I can’t do this by myself, I need your support. Only then can we make a difference.

Margie O. Martinez
Candidate, Place 6

My name is Margie Martinez and it is an honor to be a candidate for Poteet ISD School Board, Place 6.

I retired from Poteet ISD after 24 years of service as a support staff employee.

While an employee of Poteet ISD, I was committed and supportive of the faculty, staff and administrators, building a strong relationship based on trust and loyalty.



As a campus secretary, it was my priority to assist the parents, grandparents and guardians of our students, treating them with respect and fairness.

It is my goal as a Poteet ISD School Board member to give every student a high quality education based on their needs. Join me, on May 4, 2019 to make a difference in the lives of our children, community and district of Poteet. Together, we can empower our children to become the next generation of leaders.

Diego Puente
Incumbent, Place 7

My name is Diego Puente. I currently hold Place 7 on the Poteet ISD school board. I am married to Yolanda Gutierrez Puente and our son Diego Puente Jr is a freshman at Poteet High School. I am seeking my second term and I kindly ask for your vote. It is an honor to serve as a trusted board member for our district, children and faculty. I am part of a united board who work together with proven success both financially and academically. Our community deserves a transparent and resourceful school board to improve our school system, support our teachers and provide our children with quality education. A strong school district is the foundation for the success of our children and our community. We need to continue to create learning opportunities to keep students in our district and attract others to join Poteet. Thank you for your support.




Jeremy Fernandez
Candidate, Place 4

My name is Jeremy Fernandez and I am running for Poteet City Council, Place 4. I was born in Jourdanton, but have lived in Poteet all my life. I built my house after I graduated high school. I know our city has a lot of potential to grow. That’s why I stayed here. I love our city. I want to work with the current council members and staff to improve our city. I know with a strong council and with the citizens seeing that, we can grow. So much needs to be done and working with the department heads we can all come up with solutions that will benefit the people and the city. The city and people are my priority, never politics.



Jesse M. Leal
Candidate, Place 5

I, Jesse M. Leal, am honored to be running for Poteet City Council, Place 5. As a member of the City Council, I hope to apply my innate leadership skills and work experience to bettering our community and giving back to the city I have called home my entire life.

I believe my leadership skills, 24 years of law enforcement and legal background, combined with the respect and genuine interest I have for the City of Poteet and its future, make me an ideal candidate for Poteet City Council. I appreciate your consideration and hope to have your vote on May 4.

Richard Castillon
Candidate, Place 4

My name is Ricardo Castillon. I am running for Poteet City Council, Place 4. My motivation to run is because the love I have for the city. I have been in business for myself for 30 years, making me the only business man on council, if elected. I feel I can help the city move forward with its business decisions. There is much room to grow and I would love to be a part of that and so many projects that lie ahead. Everyday there are decisions being made in projects that need experience. If elected, I would encourage citizens who have concerns or issues to come see me at my place of business where my door is open seven days a week. I can give those concerns or issues immediate attention and expedite full speed ahead. I know I am that person who can be the voice for those in need in this beautiful city, so I am asking for your vote on May 4. Every vote makes a difference. Thank you.





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