Vodochodsky parole denied

Kenneth Vodochodsky has been denied parole, much to the relief of family and friends of the three local law enforcement officers who perished during an ambush by Vodochodsky’s friend Jeremiah Engleton in October 1999.

“We were very pleased with the Parole Board’s decision. We certainly feel that he has not served an appropriate amount of his sentence for the crimes he’s convicted of,” said Atascosa County Sheriff David Soward.

DPS Trooper Terry Miller, Atascosa Sheriff’s Deputies Mark Stephenson and Thomas Monse were killed that evening. Also injured were Pleasanton Police Officer Louis Tudyk and retired Border Patrol officer Carl Fisher.

Vodochodsky was an accomplice to Engleton who bailed him out of jail and helped him purchase ammunition in order to ambush the officers. He was sentenced to death in March 2001. The conviction was overturned on appeal and he was sentenced to 30 years in prison under a plea agreement.

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Board, Vodochodsky was denied due to the nature of the offense. He will be able to apply again in five years – March 2020 – after receiving a 5-year set-off.

A letter writing campaign began last year to appeal to the board for the denial.

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