Vintage Valentines are making a comeback

Going through old issues of the Pleasanton Express we found some Valentines’ ads of kiddos. The premise was simple – family members would submit a photo of their little loved ones and their names plus their parents’ and grandparents’ names were included under a heart-shaped frame.

Since “retro” is cool, we are bringing back these greetings for our Valentine issue for next week. And keeping it vintage, the price is right still at $10 per ad.

Sure …  you can post your photos on Facebook and Instagram, but those images are lost in never-ending scrolling and difficulty in finding it in those pesky albums. In print and in our online archives, your precious ones will be there forever.

Our print product is still the go-to place for local news, sports coverage, feature articles, interesting columns, public meetings, student honor rolls, school accolades and of course, advertisements.

With our circulation of 8,400 (this translates to over 20,000 readers with the pass along rate), we cover Atascosa County and the surrounding area quite well.

Our web presence has grown steadily and more folks are subscribing to both our print and our online products.

And, yes, we are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And with a fan base of almost 11,000 “likes” on Facebook, I guess you could that people like us – they really do like us!

The way I see it, our co-worker and Managing Editor Robbie Hamby shared this saying from one of our readers and it is so true – “Anyone can be on Facebook, but not everyone can be in the Pleasanton Express!”

Well, except for your cuties!

Please see our ad on page XX on how to submit or call us at 830-569-6130.


SUE BROWN is the editor of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at or write at P.O. Drawer 880, Pleasanton, TX 78064.


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