Vintage Lace Antique Boutique: Shopping experience made with love


Nine months ago, Tiffiney Willmon stepped out of the corporate world full time and into her garage where she fell in love with restoring and painting antique furniture.

“I have had the privilege to do some high end work for several of my customers, even pieces that were passed down generation after generation and the joy that it brought to me was unexplainable,” said Willmon. “So now that we have expanded this joyful experience, my heart is overflowing. I love that I can bring these pieces to life for others.”

Outgrowing her garage, Tiffiney and her husband, Brett Willmon took another giant step and opened Vintage Lace Antique Boutique at 506 W. Oaklawn, Pleasanton. It has been one month since their opening in April and business has been steady with rave reviews by a stream of delighted shoppers.

“My dream would not have become a reality without my husband’s help,” said Willmon. “At times I think it’s becoming more of his dream because his love for the business just continues to grow.”

Tiffiney and Brett are constantly on the hunt for new unique pieces.

“The more I have to dig for it the better the find! My husband and I love the rush of finding amazing pieces and we often go out together and find pieces to bring to the store.”

Willmon says that some say she’s crazy because she refers to furniture as a he or she. “Yes, a piece even ‘talks to me’. But now that the shop has opened I am not the only one that says this! I have a true passion for bringing life back into the old pieces that I find. And, I just want to share that with everyone.”

Willmon found her love of antiques as a child walking through her great- grandmother’s house. She said it was filled with beautiful “old stuff.” She can still remember looking at these treasures through the eyes of a child and falling in love with the untouchable things. Some rooms she was not even allowed to walk in because of the rarity of the items.

“Only at Christmas time were we allowed to be close enough to touch. To this day I cherish some of those pieces that are now in my own home,” said Willmon.

Mother’s Day will be a very special day at Vintage Lace. The store will be open from 11-5 on Mother’s Day to pamper all the moms out there that come out and shop. “It’s such a warm and inviting atmosphere and it makes me happy to be able to pamper these ladies,” said Willmon. Tiffiney will not be handling the store alone. She will be working with her mother-in-law and husband. On Saturday, May 13, Vintage Lace will be hosting a Mother’s Day Out with wine and chocolate strawberries. Visit Vintage Lace Boutiques’ Facebook page for more details.

Willmon is a big believer in shopping local. Tiffiney said she has had a great and supportive relationship in working with the city of Pleasanton to open her shop. She said they encouraged her saying “we need this here!” Additionally, she has found amazing support from other local business owners. “Already being friends and close with so many of the small businesses it’s only natural to want us all to support each other. We are excited and honored to be a part of the small business community,” said Willmon.

Besides antiques, Tiffiney has four different jewelry vendors everything from Swarovski crystals to beautiful turquoise! Working with more than 14 numerous vendors, Willmon is able to offer a variety of beautiful goods to customers. Vintage Lace carries farmhouse candles, homemade soap, homemade honey, and the sweetest little teacups and so much more.

“We are so proud to have each of them! It’s amazing to us how many people share the same dreams that we do. We are quickly growing and it’s so exciting,” said Willmon.

Vintage Lace Boutique is open, Wednesday-Saturday 11-5 and Sunday 12-5:00.






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