Vintage in Verdi Dec. 6



I’d love to hear all about your “Cowboy Homecoming” weekend. The adorable pictures in our paper were truly a sight to behold!!! We truly have some attractive folks here in good old Atascosa County.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could keep some of this cool weather for a while. Maybe long enough to actually have a season called “Fall”. Of course, if we could order our own weather, we’d all ask for a bit morerain, wouldn’t we?

While you are reading your local newspaper, think about how blessed we are to be one of the very few small towns to have one. I just love it when one of my young friends calls me to tell me that their picture is in the paper. One good thing to do – send a copy and dated piece of the paper to them along with a note reminding them to send an extra copy to a grandparent or friend who doesn’t get to see them every day. Just a thought!!

Five weeks from this Wednesday will be our Christmas Eve!!! Stay well and you better be good cause Santa is Watching!! Most of the churches in town will be having Christmas services.

This is the first year in many years that we don’t have a wreath swap and carol fest!!! Don’t be toodisappointed. Next year we’ll have the best ever. And, that my dears is a promise. Go see as many of the children in their own programs this year.

Call with your news. Don’t forget the “Vintage in Verdi” on Saturday, December

6th, right out here at our Verdi Community Center. Call us!

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