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Veterans clinic on wills offered



A re you in need of a simple will? Are you at least 60 years of age? Are you a resident of Atascosa County? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are urged to attend the wills clinic on January 20, 2012. The clinic will be held at the Atascosa County Courthouse at 10:00 am. Our veterans are urged to take advantage of this free program. For more information and reserve your seat, please call Kelley Gallant at 210- 293-1009 Ext 244.


Just a friendly reminder, there are a lot of scams out there and they are trying to get your social security number and date of birth! They are doing this through the mail and phone calls to you. Be careful, and never give this information up to anyone. I am getting a lot of calls on this subject. As time goes by, it is getting worse. I am located in the Atascosa County Courthouse, my phone number is 830-769-3251 and an alternate number is 830-769-3093. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 and we close for lunch from 12 to 1 pm.

Benefits for Veterans Exposed to Radiation

The National Association of Atomic Veterans is searching for about 195,000 veterans who were exposed to radiation from atmospheric nuclear tests between 1945 and 1962 or as part of the occupation forces at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These men and women could receive a one-time $75,000 benefit from the U.S. government under the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act of 1990 or a monthly disability payment of up to $2,673 from the Department of Veteran Affairs if they contracted any of the 21 different cancers traced to radiation exposure. Few veterans have applied for these benefits. Their widows and children are eligible, too, if their family member died before receiving a benefit. Applicants need medical records and location of exposure. Once an application is filed, government lawyers ask the Defense Threat Reduction Agency for help in verifying the claim. For more information you can call 1-800-729-7327.

Please call the toll free number for more information, office does not handle this type of claim. Till next time….

MIKE LAMBARIA is the Veteran Service Officer for Atascosa County. He may be contacted at 830-769-3251.

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