More memories from Armand Huizar: “I remember when my dad was working for Steve Ridgway. We only had one pickup and one car. We had an 8N Ford and mama would pile us up on there and as I think about it now, it reminds me of a possum with her babies hanging all over her. We were all piled up on that 8N Ford going to work, we had to move irrigation pipe. We’d hoe peanuts, we’d move pipe with our mama while our dad was working for Mr. Ridgway. It’s funny we would call it hoeing peanuts, that’s what our dad’s called it, but we weren’t hoeing peanuts, at least not intentionally, we were hoeing weeds. I was five years old moving pipe with all my brothers and our mom.

“I remember, we were leasing land from Lamar Foster, I was in the 8 or 9 grade, and I didn’t like going to school so when my dad needed me to work and I had to miss school, I loved it. We were leasing this land from Mr. Foster, it was dry land, and he was planting wheat in it and we had it for two years and he asked my dad to buy it. My dad wasn’t sure he wanted to take on this debt, but Mr. Foster knew my dad could do it and so he talked him into it. My dad drilled a water well on it and I think the well cost more than the property. Then we started farming vegetables to pay for it. My dad wanted to hurry up and get it paid for. We all hated vegetables.” Funny how they farmed peanuts, but he doesn’t hate peanuts. Just sayin’. “We used to grow squash, cabbage, onions, we grew winter and summer vegetables. Cabbage was my favorite to pick because you’d just cut it and throw it in the trailer, but the squash was heavy. You’d fill up a basket and it would kill your back to pick it up. The field was infested with rattlesnakes. We’d have to watch for them and kill them.”

Next week Armand tells a story I loved hearing about. So I’ll save the best part for last. Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed it.

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