Ok, y’all. I asked for people who live in Verdi or who have lived in Verdi to share some stories with me so I can put it in the Verdilizer. This isn’t just for our dads or grandparents. If you grew up in Verdi and whether you live here anymore or not, I’d love to hear from you. Please email me at the email below.

So, I’m going to begin this week with my husband’s memories of growing up in Verdi.

Armand’s memories of the good old days were his memories of farming. He said, “Everybody used to farm around here. They helped each other out never expecting nothing from nobody. Everybody just went out and helped whoever needed help.

My dad used to plant lots of watermelons. My grandpa and my dad would cut melons at three-quarter ripe, trailer trucks would come to the field and we’d load them up and ship them to Chicago. I thought that was pretty cool when I was little.

Everybody planted peanuts and grain around here. I remember the older gentlemen, Paul Broom and Lamar Foster, were very good to my dad. Always offered him the lease because they wanted him to lease the land because they knew he loved farming and he had all of these boys to put to work. Everybody just got along.

We also used to go hunting around here. We used to just go down the dirt roads, but I don’t know if my wife ought to put that in the paper. But nobody ever got in trouble, nobody got reported, and back in the good old days, we could just pull to the side of the road and shoot a coyote. We would go bird hunting and coon hunting and back then the coons brought $16 to $20 a hide and we would go trap them and that was a lot of money back then and that’s one way we made a little extra money. It was fun back then. The world has changed so much. You have to watch what you say and watch what you do. People just got along better back then. They had more respect for one another back then.”

Well, you’ve heard from my husband and I have more for next week, but my time is up. Thanks for reading.

We’re excited about our 10 week Bible study on the Book of Revelation that started Tuesday, January 7 at the Verdi Community Center. The Book of Revelation is the revealing of Jesus Christ to John and John was told to write what was, what is and what would be hereafter. The lessons begin at 7 p.m. and we will have lessons printed up for you to take with you. Hope you can make it.

TTFN (ta ta for now),

Gina Huizar

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