Valued employee retires after 35 years of service for the Atascosa Health Center’s WIC Program

Connie Treviño

Connie Treviño

Thirty-five years at one place is certainly a feat, in itself, in this day and age. Connie Trevino began her career in the medical field helping Dr. Austin with clerical duties related to the operation of the “Old Pleasanton Hospital” as we call it now.

It was a natural transition when the Atascosa Health Center came into existence that her experience would lead to her employment. Connie began working in WIC in 1981 and during her tenure became a WIC Certification Specialist. Imagine for 35 years, every day, coming to work at the same city block in Pleasanton.

In 2004 AHC-Women, Infant and Children Nutrition Program (WIC) recognized that the standard at the time, was that WIC program participants were less likely to breastfeed their babies, so AHC began an enhancement program to include the support of Gloria Gallegos, RN, ANP, Lactation Consultant, a breastfeeding coordinator and peer counselors. Programs and local physician support systems contributed to the rise in mothers choosing to breastfeed their children. The theme for that year was “Mother’s Milk: there is no substitute.”

Connie’s passion with her job has always been for good nutrition for mothers and children. Connie went over and above her job role and she considered patients as a part of her extended family. Her caring ways made her an asset to AHC-WIC. She has journeyed through several generations of patients all receiving the same encouraging care.

Connie has made a positive contribution and established lasting relationships with AHC patients and staff. AHC–WIC will always be grateful and cherish the 35 years of service she gave. AHC wishes her the very best with all her new endeavors and adventures.

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