Use caution while handling fireworks

Atascosa County Fire Marshal Todd Perna is asking everyone to be extra careful during this holiday season while handling fireworks. Whether you’re shooting off fireworks, disposing of Christmas trees, or just hanging out around the campfire, residents should remember to use caution when doing anything outdoors that could potentially cause a spark. You could be held civilly liable as well as criminally liable for any damages you may have caused. You could also be ticketed. Though Atascosa County is not restricting the use of fireworks this holiday season, there has been recent rainfall that has caused the grass to grow quite rapidly. Recent cool weather has caused some freezing; this kills the grass causing large fuel loads on the ground. This combination creates a potential risk for grass fires. Remember, safety should always be your number one concern.

Here are some helpful reminders for a safe holiday season.


1-Wet the area that is to be used for the fireworks

2-Use in clear open area. Hard surface is recommended.

3-Always have water handy (a bucket or hose).

4-Only use legal fireworks.

5-Do NOT wear loose fitting clothes.

6-Read directions and warning labels on fireworks, and stand back several feet from lit fireworks.

7-Light only one firework at a time.

8-Use outdoors only.

9-Never throw or point fireworks at another person.

10-Do not use alcohol with fireworks.

11-Do not use fireworks during windy conditions.

12-Use safety glasses, and always be careful around animals.

13-Always supervise children around fireworks at all times.

14-Sparklers should only be used under close adult supervision (16% of all fireworks injuries are caused by sparklers)

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