Updating sign ordinance, bulky/brush concern Pleasanton council

The City of Pleasanton City Council met on March 5. Those in attendance were: Jimmy Magel, Abraham Saenz, Jeanne Israel, Kathy Coronado and J.R. Gallegos. Roger G. Garza was absent.

Public Works Director Johnny Martinez reported on the construction projects and utility systems throughout the city.

Diana Guthrie, Pleasanton Public Library Director, reported that the circulation for the month of February was 2,645. There were 27 different programs presented with 123 attendants.

After school program had 97 children participating.

Patron count for the month was 2717. Total amount of fines collected was $263.28. Inter-library loans, books borrowed from other libraries, was 32. Regular meetings included Mother’s Day Out and the Partners Resource Network which is a support group for parents of children who have disabilities. She also met with the architect on the new library to discuss the locations of electrical and computers. A field trip will be taken to tour other libraries the architects have designed.

City Engineer John Metting reported that he, and Code Enforcement Inspector Earl Peterson and Plumbing Inspector David Haley meet on a regular basis with developers and engineers to discuss and provide answers for their concerns – which include increased traffic, existing sewer lines – to assist them in their project planning. This has increased to two-three times per week as opposed to the same amount per month.

City Manager’s Message

City Manager Bruce Pearson introduced Captain Johnny Gonzalez of the Pleasanton Police Department. Gonzalez was recently promoted and was in attendance due to Chief Ronald Sanchez’s absence.

Pearson reported that the Microsoft exchange server will be implemented on Good Friday and Saturday.

Another step in completing the Water Model has been accomplished. Every water meter in the system is now entered in city records with its location and size and was entered on the water system map.

Mayor’s Message

Mayor Powell commented about the branding workshop held before the meeting. “We have a lot to be proud of. It is important to remember what we have,” said Powell

New Sign Ordinance needed

Council member Janne Israel would like the sign ordinance to be looked at. It was brought to her attention that there are many issues with signs placed around the city including billboards, portables and digital signs. “I came to ask if we had a uniform easement or any code other than what I have seen because that ordinance is quite old” said Israel.

The current ordinance has been in place since 1989 and Pearson noted there are about 18 items that may need attention.

“We would be looking at the placement of the signs, not just were they permitted, said Pearson. He then asked, “were they placed properly, now and then?”

The council voted, Saenz with a dissenting vote, for the city manager to review and return with a proposed ordinance for the council to review and possibly adopt.

Bulky/brush drop off

A long discussion was held on the brush and bulky trash pick up and drop-off services.

Pearson asked the council for direction for this increasing problem. The current service requires extra hours for workers to man the wastewater plant which taxes the city’s budget. He then suggested bringing curbside service back to the citizens. Providing a truck that can chip the brush at the customer’s home would not only solve the employees having to work overtime, it would provide better service to the residents. They would call the city to schedule the truck and they would be charged for the service. It would appear on their next water bill.

The council voted to allow citizens to take brush and bulky waste to the Wastewater Treatment Plant twice a month until June 1st, then once a month which will include prices, public notifications and signage. During this period, implementing curbside pick up and getting quotes from Republic to provide quarterly brush and bulky pickup at 10 cubic yards to be scheduled three times a year.

Other agenda items

• The council adopted Ordinance No. 13-1081 prohibiting parking on Comanche Lane.

• The council also approved the continuation of Interlocal Agreement with the Pleasanton Independent School District regarding a joint polling place for the May 11, 2013 General Election.

• The council renewed the Interlocal agreement between Astacosa County and the City of Pleasanton for sewage disposal system inspection.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

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