Two arrested for firefighter’s murder

Four days after the murder of Primrose volunteer firefighter Todd
Daniel Hayney on January 1, the second of two suspects was arrested.

On Thursday, William Timothy Garcia of San Antonio was charged with
murder after he had been taken into custody on an alleged drug charge.
Garcia had been seen walking away from the crime scene.

The second suspect, Ricardo Moran, 17, also of San Antonio, was arrested early Monday morning.

According to Atascosa County Sheriff David Soward, the two men
allegedly showed up at Hayney’s home on New Year’s night around 10 p.m.
regarding a dispute between the Hayneys and a woman who had been
visiting there.

Sheriff’s deputies have been piecing together most of the events
leading up to the shooting of Hayney. “The motive and details are not
being released since the investigation is still ongoing,” said Sheriff

Hayney, 40, was shot at his Woodland Hills Drive home. Atascosa
County Sheriff’s deputies responded and he was transported to Southwest
General Hospital in San Antonio.

Primrose Fire Chief David Croft noted that in the short four months
that Hayney had been involved with their department, he had a wealth of
knowledge that he had already shared. “He was such a dedicated hard
worker. I could tell he was dedicated to his family, too,” said Croft.

Both Garcia and Moran are in the Atascosa County Jail under $1 million dollar bond each.

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