Tuesdays will never be the same

The Way I See It



Last week’s column had a lot of folks asking me what was happening, where I’ll be working and if I’m moving … and though I updated on Facebook my plans, I’m excited to share them here.

My new job will be with the Texas Press Association as their new Event Director. And though their office is in Austin, I will be working from home and traveling. But, I am still selling my home and plan on moving closer to the Austin area.

This new opportunity has me both excited and a bit nervous. I’ve lived my whole life in Pleasanton, was born at the Pleasanton Hospital and only lived away while I was attending UT in Austin.

And while there are tons of things and people I’ll miss, the one thing that stands out will be my Tuesdays.

I haven’t missed a Tuesday press day since 2005 when my mother passed away. I did miss a press night when I went to Las Vegas a few years ago, but I worked throughout that Monday evening into the early morning of Tuesday to get most of the articles finished and the layout started before the deadline.

The deadline. It is what defines journalists. There is always a deadline. You mentally prepare for it and then you follow through.

Early on when our owner/publisher Wild Bill Wilkerson would come back down to help us after he and Judy retired to Austin, his famous line he would repeat often when coworkers would get a bit more chatty on a Tuesday would be “Contrary to popular belief, we have a paper to get out here!” Sure it was said in good fun, but he was also serious. Our then sports editor Maggie Rodriguez would follow up towards the end of the evening “Let’s get outta here!”

The way I see it, my Tuesdays won’t be the same. But I’m sure there will be other deadlines on other days. It just won’t be in a newsroom … on Tuesday night.

SUE BROWN is a columnist of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at psuebrown@gmail.com.

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