TRE, Bond issue passes for CISD

The Charlotte ISD school board held two separate elections on the November 6 ballot for a TRE and Bond Issue, both of which passed.

“On behalf of the Charlotte ISD school board and administration, we want to extend a big thank you to the citizens of Charlotte for voting to pass both the TRE and the Bond Issue,” said CISD Superintendent Mario Sotelo.

The TRE (tax ratification election) passed with a total of 278 votes FOR versus 258 votes AGAINST.

The tax ratification called for a tax rate increase of $1.04 to $1.17. This means CISD will receive an additional $300,000 in revenue annually.

“This revenue will be used for our M&O (maintenance and operation), in which we will retain and obtain quality staff and teachers for our district as well as increase the security of our campus buildings,” said Sotelo.

The Bond Issue for $5 million dollars was also passed on the November ballot for the construction, renovation, acquisition and equipment of school buildings with 310 votes FOR versus 221 votes AGAINST. What this looks like for the taxpayer is an I&S (interest and sinking) tax rate increase of $0.1634 from $0.1492 to $0.3126. The I&S taxes will not increase until October 2019.

“Our list of things to use the bond money toward is quite lengthy, but we will coordinate and get insight from teachers in our district to see what they need,” said Sotelo. “What I guarantee we are using some of that money for is to update our technology across the campus and focus on improved classrooms for the junior high. We also have a deputy hired through Constable Rick Luna’s office and we will use some of that bond money to keep paying her.”

Voting for both of these propositions on the November ballot means more opportunities and a better learning environment for the students, faculty and staff at Charlotte ISD.

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