Traffic stop leads to Painkillers and Meth find

Pleasanton Police seized drugs in a traffic stop at 6:30 a.m., September 1st in the 900 block of West Oaklawn in Pleasanton. The driver of the vehicle was John Morgan Thurman, 39. The officer noticed that the passenger, Johnny Joe Estrada, 42, was making some furtive movements. The officer searched the vehicle and found a .45 caliber handgun, an amount of methamphetamine and 47 hydrocodone pills.

Estrada was charged with Possession of Methamphetamine

1 to 4 grams and Possession of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 3 over 28 grams. Thurman was a felon, and thus was charged with Unlawful Carrying of a Firearm and Possession of a Controlled Substance – Penalty Group 3 under 28 grams.

Sanchez said “We’re seeing an up-surge in Methamphetamine.” He said most of the Methamphetamine comes from “super labs” in Mexico, run by drug cartels. He has also noticed a falling out of the popularity in cocaine in the last seven months, which may be due to Meth having a lower price and a long-lasting high.

However, Sanchez warns that with meth “the effects are so much worse.”

The Meth Project a program of the national nonprofit organization The Partnership at, states on their website that the symptoms of meth include loss of appetite, strange sleeping patterns, an ammonia like body odor, paranoia, incessant talking, repetition of meaningless tasks like disassembling electronics, erratic movements, and more.

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