Traffic signal needed

At the June 4 meeting, the Pleasanton City Council voted unanimously to enter into an agreement with The Bend Subdivision and the Texas Department of Transportation for the construction of a traffic signal.

Pleasanton City Manager Bruce Pearson explained The Bend is the commercial development on Bensdale, owned by Dr. Pat Villarreal.

“The necessity of an additional stoplight and four-way there came about as a result of this development. Dr. Villarreal has diligently worked with an engineer and has a contractor on board to put that four-way traffic signal in,” said Pearson.

The Texas Department of Transportation informed Villarreal that they cannot work with private individuals. TXDOT can only work with public entities, said Pearson.

He further explained there are a number of public entities that work with TXDOT who are someone of a private nature or another public entity, like the school district. In a case in which the school district asks for a stoplight, for example, the agreement is with the municipality and TXDOT, not with the school district and TXDOT.

“In this particular case, the agreement would be with the City of Pleasanton and TXDOT. We just received the agreement early this morning from TXDOT, along with the engineer’s plans,” said Pearson.

He said he hoped they would get direction from council to move forward on the agreement with TXDOT and ultimately any subsequent agreement that Pearson and the attorney think is necessary with Dr. Villarreal to get the stop light installed.

Pearson visited with Villarreal recently and told him there would probably be some administrative costs for the attorney’s review and possibly drawing up another agreement with him. He has agreed to pay into these costs, said Pearson.

The city would ultimately be charged with the responsibility of the stoplight being put in, the construction administration of the installation of the stoplight and also the dedication of the stoplight over to TXDOT, to be maintained by TXDOT, in accordance with their maintenance agreement with the city.

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