To The People of Atascosa County:

On behalf of the citizens of Wimberley, Texas, I want to thank you for your fund raising efforts for those who lost so much. I moved back to Wimberley a year ago to be near my two sons, one of who graduated high school two weeks ago here in Wimberley. The morning after the flood at 8 a.m., my wife and I watched in total disbelief at the resort we used to live in. 400 year old Cypress trees were pulled up, stripped of ALL of their bark and laid to the side of a raging river that for decades was a shallow trickle. All the cabins of Rio Bonito on the banks of the Blanco River were gone, even their foundations! The paved roads were also gone! Just an unreal happening. We lost all T.V. communication for 2 days so we were in the dark as to just how bad it really was.

Anyway, the relief effort was also unreal. People do care and the citizens of Atascosa County where I grew up proved that. So, I wanted to take this moment to thank you all in my hometowns of Jourdanton, Pleasanton, Poteet, Charlotte and Lytle And yes, Atascosa County is like a big little city spread out. I knew if there was one place in Texas that would help out, it would be Atascosa County. We’re blessed to have survived what has happened and it’s people like you who instantly came to OUR rescue.

Thanks again!

Austin Teutsch Wimberely, Texas

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