To The Citizens of Atascosa County

When a fellow brother is laid to rest, it is never an easy task, no matter the situation. It was a difficult task to uphold on August 4th, when we laid Jeremy Ward to rest at his final resting place.

We would like to thank the community of Atascosa County for the remarkable outpour of support that has been given to our department. Jeremy was a very dedicated and determined volunteer wanting to make a difference in the community. He was full of life and always ready to help his fellow brothers in any given situation. Jeremy joined our department three years ago and gave it his all. When that pager went off, he was the first one at the station ready to go.

On July 31st, when our department was toned out for an accident just outside the city limits, there were concerns because Jeremy was not the first one at the station. As we arrived at the scene, we noticed something different; it was one of our own involved. It was a hard week to overcome as preparations were made to make Jeremy’s last call special. It would not have been possible without help from everyone around.

We would like to thank everyone who came out to show respect to Jeremy for his service to our community. To the Atascosa Volunteer Fire Department and EMT’s, THANK YOU for everything you did for us in our time of need. We are a family and stick together through thick and thin! To the citizens of Atascosa County, THANK YOU for the amount of respect that was shown as we proceeded from Charlotte to Pleasanton. As we passed motorists, they took time to pull over; truck drivers stepped out of their cabs and saluted as the entire procession passed; and the outpouring of heartfelt emotions that the community showed us made us aware of the admiration that the community has for us.

We appreciated all the help that was provided that day as well. Thank You to the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office, Jourdanton Police Department, and Pleasanton Police Department for all your help you provided to ensure a safe travel for our fallen brother. Thank You to the Atascosa County Dispatchers who made Jeremy’s Last Call very special and unforgettable. We know it was a difficult task to do, but it was a breathtaking moment that ended his day in the most amazing way. Also, Thank You to David Martinez for playing Taps, a melody that filled our hearts to the fullest.

We know that as Jeremy rode upon Pleasanton’s 1953 Fire Truck to his final destination he had the biggest smile on his face. He is now in a place that he will be able to watch over each and every one of his brothers as they answer their tones to serve the community.

Thank you,

Charlotte Volunteer

Fire Department

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