To Close Main Street

First of all, I wonder why we have a city council, six members that are elected by the registered voters of Pleasanton to make decisions that affect the members of their district, and a mayor who also has a vote. They made the decision not once but twice by vote to keep Main Street open but the opposition wants to go against the council’s will and have a city wide vote to close Main Street. They call this “The will of the people”.

Facts the public should know:

On Monday thru Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. there are over 500 vehicles that use the 100 block of Main Street, not counting the evening which is still very busy. The total for six days comes to over 3,000 vehicles down that street. The opposition wants to close this street and they don’t care what happens or how the traffic problem is solved.

The opposition states that removing the traffic light on Main and Goodwin streets would improve the traffic congestion and this is false. The traffic light on Main and Goodwin only comes into use when a vehicle trips the light signal. This light is green for only 11 seconds and just enough time for 3 to 4 vehicles to turn on Goodwin and advance on Highway 281. The Texas Department of Highways has done some work on the lights at 281 and Goodwin and now traffic moves much quicker.

The opposition wants you to believe that if Main Street is not closed it will affect the Library and Community Center, this is false. The Community Center and Library will be completed in the near future. The only project affected by not closing Main Steet is the plaza, columns and overhangs out in Main Street.

I hear a lot of adjectives such as progress, beautify, moving forward as to closing Main Street. If you enjoy counting 18 wheelers, large trucks, smelling diesel fumes and auto emission you will really enjoy the proposed plaza. The noise level is very high at 281 and Goodwin. A very wise person told me one day that you never build a recreation area or plaza next to a main highway. I just want you to know that I’m not against a plaza but build it where the public can enjoy it, releax and have that cup of coffee or beverage without breathing diesel fumes and car emissions. I just about forgot a very important point, the city of Pleasanton doesn’t have the money to build a plaza at this time, so why do you want to close Main Street? The work on the Community Center and Library can be done without closing Main Street.

Bryan J. Boyd


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