Tiodolo Oropeza


Tiodolo Oropeza

Tiodolo Lopez Oropeza spent most of his life in Pleasanton. He turned 90 years old February 17, 2017 and celebrated 70 years of marriage to his beloved wife Olivia Oropeza on March 3rd of this year. He fell asleep in death Tuesday March 7, 2017 surrounded by family. He told his family that he felt content and happy and that he was ready for his ticket to paradise.

During Tiodolo and Olivia’s marriage they had 14 kids: Francis Ramos, Bartolomi Oropeza, Alvina Tovar, Pio Oropeza, Luis Oropeza, Johnny Oropeza, George Oropeza, Jr. Oropeza, Gloria Rivera, Abel Oropeza, Ralph Oropeza, Nora Oropeza, Jesse Oropeza and Susan Oropeza. The Oropeza family legacy includes 42 grandchildren, 63 great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren.

‘Grandpa Oropeza will always be remembered for loving to play his accordion and talking about his faith. He will be greatly missed by his family.’

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