Thriving thirty



It’s only been three weeks since I made my list of Thirty Things to do while I’m Thirty, I have made a little progress. I knocked out numbers 3, 14 and 28.

No. 3 – Dance
We celebrated the big 3-0 with a group of friends a couple Saturdays ago. We went to dinner, then bowled and then headed out to hear my favorite DJ and I danced. It was only one song and it was with my sister and one of my close friends, not my husband (just saying), but I’m counting it. I do still plan to dance more. Hoping the opportunity presents itself more often.

No. 14 – Get cookin’
I have picked out three new recipes to try and I actually tried one. And guess what. My family actually liked it!! I made oven-fried chicken parmesan, a recipe my husband found on

No. 28 – Kiss my children more
This one’s a no brainer. I love my crazy children and have always kissed them. But, I’m making sure that I hold on to the memory of kissing their little noses. Soon enough they will be big ol’ teenagers and won’t want me anywhere near them so I am taking full advantage.

I have made arrangements to complete numbers 1, 5, 9, 16 and 20.

No. 1 – Rollercoasters
We are planning a trip to Disney World this summer and this is going to give me my chance to ride more coasters. Looking forward to the adrenaline.

No. 5 – Spar
For Mother’s Day my husband bought my sparring gear. Yeah! I still need a chest protector, but the rest is ready to go. A little nervous, but how much can you really know about yourself if you’ve never fought. 😀

No. 9 – Green Thumb
The garden will be soon! We’ve found a way to make a small garden and keep the neighborhood cats out of it! I’m hoping by mid summer we will have fresh veggies at our table.

No. 16 – Sunset
I’ll refer back to no. 1 for this one. Since we will be in Florida that would have me in the perfect spot for a sunset in a different time zone. 😀

No. 20 – Sew do it
I ordered all kinds of fabrics and patterns a couple weeks ago and now that the packages are rolling in. I’m really excited to start work on my projects. I’ll post when I get through.

See I haven’t completely lost all train of thought on my 30 while I’m 30. I’m gonna keep trucking and hopefully I’ll be able to tell you periodically about all 30. Well maybe not the Zombie Apocalypse.

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