Thorn Graves Architects to design and supervise construction of new Atascosa County Justice Center Annex

Atascosa County Commissioners’ Court Second Regular Meeting May 27, 2015 9:00 a.m. Ordered by Hon. Bob Hurley, Atascosa County Judge

Present were all four

Commissioners, Lonnie

Gillespie, (Precinct 1);

William “Bill” Torans,

(Precinct 2); Freddie

Ogden, (Precinct 3) & Bill

Carroll, (Precinct 4).

After call to order of the Regular Meeting of the Commissioners’ Court, Judge Bob Hurley asked for Public Comments.

There was a request listed before the meeting from Frank Herrera from Precinct 2. Herrera discussed roads and maintenance in Precinct 2.

First on the scheduled agenda was Assistant County Attorney Molly Solis who requested appropriate action of Thorn Graves Architects to design and supervise construction of the Atascosa County Justice Center Annex and authorize the County Judge to act as the authorized representative of Commissioners’ Court for the duration of the architectural design and construction process. The Justice Court building provides additional courtroom and office space for over-crowding in the Atascosa County Courthouse. Requests on this agenda item were granted.

Stuart Knowlton, Atascosa County Commissioners’ Court representative on the Appraisal Board requested appropriate action concerning updates for Atascosa County Appraisal District (ACAD) and the agenda process for representatives to place items on the agenda. He mentioned, as representative of the ACAD, his comments to the Commissioners’ Court are his opinion, being the Court’s source at ACAD meetings.

Atascosa County Justice of the Peace Kyle Bradley, Pct. 2, requested appropriate action concerning payment of $1,287.90 to Rock Solid Internet with funds from the Justice Court Technology Fund. Request was approved.

Atascosa County Constable Rick Luna, Pct. 3, requested appropriate action concerning installation of Vigilant License Plate Reader, by VIgilant Solutions for Cons.Luna at no cost to the county – postponed from April 27, 2015 Commissioners Court meeting. After discussion with comments from Ass’t County Attorney Dennis Arriaga, County Treasurer Laura Pawelek, County Auditor Ray Samson and County Commissioner Lonnie Gillespie, Pct. 1, Commissioners’ Court decided to request a 6-month probation period as a test case period, and if everything is working properly, continue with the plate reader program.

Ass’t County Attorney Dennis Arriaga requested appropriate action concerning the purchase of 4.209 acres from Joseph P. Gerlich. Request was granted.

Atascosa County Sheriff David Soward requested appropriate action concerning personnel. He requested an existing employee transfer of Daniel Gonzales from Corrections Officer to Deputy Sheriff-Patrol at a pay rate of $43,344.00/yearly with $120.00/monthly uniform allowance. Request was approved.

Commissioner Bill Torans, Pct. 2, mentioned that, unbelievably and maybe not so unexpected, again, Justice Court, Pct. 2 Justice Building Grand Opening has been postponed. This is all due to our unseasonal ongoing rain pattern. New date is Wednesday, June 3, 2015, from 4:00 until 6:30 p.m.

Commissioner Bill Carroll, Pct. 4, requested appropriate action concerning road bore permit for Regency Field Services, LLC on CR 331. Request was granted.

Comm. Carroll then requested appropriate action concerning request for temporary water line for B & J Air and Pump, LTD on CR 329. Request was approved.

Comm. Carroll requested appropriate action concerning a temporary water line on CR 414 for EOG Resources, Inc. This will be a 10-inch lay-flat line. Request was granted.

Judge Hurley requested appropriate action concerning Judge, Commissioners and other County Elected Officials training course certifications, recording of hours and certificates into the Commissioners’ Court minutes.

Treasurer Laura Pawelek presented her Texas Association of Counties Certificate of Attendance from the 43rd Annual County Treasurers’ Continuing Education Seminar in San Marcos, Texas where she completed 5 hours of instruction. Request was approved.

Heather Armstrong requested appropriate action concerning adoption of the ACCOG Resolution recognizing May, 2015 as Older Americans Month. Judge Hurley read the resolution to those in attendance.

On the agenda next, appropriate action concerning hiring an architect for Justice of the Peace, precinct 3, building remodeling and authorizing Judge Hurley to sign the contract. Request was granted.

Discussion and appropriate action concerning Capital Outlay Expenditures was on the agenda next.

Atascosa County Elections Administrator Janice Ruple was on the agenda requesting appropriate action concerning approval of invoice from RB Printing in the amount of $1,495.93 covering the purchase of file cabinets for voter registration cards for the Election Office from Capital Outlay. Request was approved.

District Clerk Margaret Littleton requested appropriate action concerning purchase of two work stations for public access to records and e-filing as a Capital Outlay Expense in the amount of $2,832.00 that includes shipping and installation from Local Government Solutions. Request was granted.

County Treasurer Laura Pawelek made a Capital Outlay Request, asking for appropriate action concerning purchase of new monitor for computer – monitor no longer working – monitor and installation from Altex Electonics in the amount of $204.95, including installation. Request was approved.

Constable Luna, Pct. 3, made a Capital Outlay Request concerning purchase of new car camera from Watch Guard due to malfunction of present camera. Cost includes shipping, software and 1 year warranty for a total of $4,820.00. Camera being replaced is 14 years old. Request was granted.

Judge Hurley asked for approval of records and bills to be paid.

Honorable Atascosa County Judge Bob Hurley mentioned to those in attendance that the next Regular Meeting of the Commissioners’ Court would be on Monday, June 8, 2015.

Meeting was then adjourned.

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