Thirty one: Wanting more fun



has been amazing. While I’ve thoroughly loved all of the last 363 days
(since my birthday is Friday) it has come up too fast.

fast indeed for me to complete all thirty of my tasks. 🙁 Twenty three
out of thirty isn’t horrible. I had much fun crossing things off my list
and coming up with ideas on how to get them done with Rambling Robbie.

So here’s the last few marked off:

Perfect push up – I can indeed do at least one perfect pushup. Which is
why I did not say “Perfect push ups”. LOL I know myself and my weak
wrists. After participating in an awesome “Boot Camp” held at The Gym in
Jourdanton I am able to do a few perfect push ups! Hooray!!

Camp Out – The hubs and I took the children of the corn (my kids) down
to Choke Canyon a couple of weeks ago for the weekend. We rented what
turned out to be the last cabin available. I was grateful. The kids did
ok. LOL I say that because the little ones while very enthusiastic to
fish were bored quite quickly.

I want to ride my bicycle – Well I never got a bicycle. I did however
do something better. I started cycling class over at The Gym. This is
the only way I will actually make time to ride a bike so I count it.
While sometimes the cycling class is tough I love it. It’s a great
workout and I enjoy it.

Rubber band war – A small success, but  a success nonetheless. I told
my partner in crime, Rambling Robbie that I had to shoot her with a
rubber band. Knowing what I was up to she brought me a huge bag of
rubber bands (keeping a few for herself). And with that we took aim.
Soft shots though. No one was hurt. We then took a few shots at Sports
Editor Chris Filoteo who gladly returned fire. Robbie suggested we
engage in a surprise attack on David Wickersham, one of our fantastic
graphic designers. The plan was set. I went around one direction and
Chris and Robbie the other. After two phone calls and a visitor delay we
finally launched our attack. Many rubber bands were fired, but only one
hit him. And it was mine. Yea!!! This was so much fun I just may start
another one next week.

Maglight – While I still have not put batteries in my Maglight
flashlight I do have a new flashlight in my car that my husband gave me.

Slow clap –  Oh the slow clap happened. Maybe not as dramatic as a John
Hughes movie, but it was good enough for Rambling Robbie and me. As our
wonderful newspaper won an award at the South Texas Press Association
Convention this past weekend, we began our slow clap which was too
quickly elevated and pretty much turned into a regular applause.

Zombie Apocalypse – This one is indeed bittersweet. While I am grateful
that the undead have yet to rise I am also a bit disappointed. My
husband had bought one of those great machetes that look like they would
be excellent for zombie beheading. Was looking forward to using it. I
will however keep this task open for when I need it. Because there is no
doubt one day the walkers will be here. It’s only a matter of time.

plan to continue a sort of task list for thirty one as well. While I’m
not sure what they will be and it may not be a list of thirty one, I
will still continue to try new things and appreciate more.

1. More roller coasters

2. Perfect pushup

3. Dance more

4. The End

5. Spar

6. Get wild

7. Camp out

8. Girls weekend

9. Garden


11. Bake it

12. Walk it out

13. Buy a bike and use it

14. Get cookin’

15. Soak it up

16. Watch sun set in a different time zone

17. Play in the rain with the kids

18. Weekend getaway with my husband

19. Start a rubber band gun war in the office (Shhh don’t tell anyone 😉

20. Sew something useful

21. Keep my kitchen clean for longer than a day (then again maybe not)

22. Go to the shooting range with my husband

23. Watch more movies in the theater

24. Play dominoes with my grandpa

25. Unplug at least one day a month (no electronics whatsoever)

26. Put batteries in my Maglight flashlight

27. Make arroz con pollo

28. Kiss my children more

29. Start a slow clap with Rambling Robbie

30. Live through the zombie apocalypse

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