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Clean it up!



I hate to say this about my hometown, but folks, we are a mess. Overgrown yards, fallen trees, junk vehicles, broken furniture are displayed in many yards and lots throughout our town.

And while we may not have enough brush/bulky pick up days, please, pretty please, do not ignore the scheduled dates for pick up this month.

It starts June 17 and while officially you should not have placed items out in front of your property before last Saturday, June 1, there are literally tons of trash and brush to be picked up.

Three areas will be serviced over the next three weeks. The first pick up will begin in the northeastern area east of Hwy. 281 on June 17. On June 24, the area south of Goodwin Street and East of Bryant Street will be serviced. July 1-5, the northwest area, north of Goodwin and west of Bryant will be picked up.

Now there is a two-fold plea here.

Please don’t, I repeat, don’t start placing items on the street a week AFTER they come by and remove what you had there earlier.

There will be another time scheduled for that in October. Placing the above items out for removal prematurely will not only make our town look trashy, ugly and embarrassing, it will also get you in trouble. You can get fined $250-$300 for having brush and bulky items out too soon.

Don’t believe it? I encourage you to call us if you see your neighbors placing items when it is not the proper time. We will come and photograph it and publish it in our paper with the address. It will be featured under the “Wall of Shame”. We will also share it with City Hall.

The way I see it, citizens, please take advantage of this service. There is no charge and it will make our town look so much better. Let’s show some pride, OK?

That’s the way I see it, let me know your view – email me at, or write at P.O. Drawer 880, Pleasanton, Tx 78064.

SUE BROWN is the Editor of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at 830-281-2341 or

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