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R.I.P. Elsie



The time came last week to say goodbye to our dog Elsie. She was our 13+year-old beagle and, true to their nature, sweet yet very stubborn. She came to us via neighbors that lived across the street. She was too hyper (jumpy/scratchy) for their young boys. My son Daryl found out and begged to have her. I’m sure I still have the note he and his sister, Allison, wrote with about 20 “pleases” prefacing the question of getting her and of course promising to care for her.

But as we all know, the feeding, bathing, training pretty much fell on this parent.

In her younger days, she would go in the backyard and curl her right leg up and point her white tipped tail out straight as a board.

Then the baying would start.

The only thing Elsie liked more than barking was eating. God bless her. There was no way we could put a self-feeder out. She would have literally eaten herself to death. And, oh, how excited she would get when you came in with her bowl or doling out her dog biscuits each night. If you remember how Snoopy from Peanuts would dance, that is how Elsie looked when food was offered.

She was my sidekick when I sewed, did laundry, cooked and watched TV. She always had to be in the same room.

As her eyes became clouded and her hearing almost nonexistent, she started slowing down. Following me around wasn’t happening very often and food wasn’t very important anymore.

It had been almost three days of her barely moving when the decision was apparent. The morning of, she made it to my bedroom to watch me get ready, but I had to carry her back to her bed.

The fine folks at Chaparral Veterinary Center treated her (and me) with compassion and I will forever be grateful for that. A special thanks to Dr. Clader, Pete and Amanda for the kind thoughts.

Her boy, Daryl, prepared her grave and a crepe myrtle will hopefully bloom in her memory each year.

The way I see it, this reminds me of a quote “I guess you don’t really own a dog, you rent them, and you have to be thankful that you had a long lease.” -Joe Garagiola

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